Thursday, July 31, 2003
Just amazing!!  
I didn't believe it until I saw the RealMedia file on the site of Fine Art Models. A Ferrari 312 PB, fully working. Including the 'real' V12 sounds! read it right: fully working. The engine can be start by key (as seen on video) and the engine runs, gearbox works, steering, lights everything!
This 'model' is built by Pierre Scerri from France. It took him 15 years (20.000 hours) but what a result! Just visit the site, watch the gallery and even the video! Fantastic!!

webmaster | 16:42

Some new shots of the '460 Bologna'  
Here some pictures of the new 2+2 Ferrari where I made earlier a post about. These are spyshots and three artistic impression (the two red ones came from I found them on the internet (trough a post on, tnx GodzillaPresley) and if the maker of the pictures wants some credit: just mail me!! :)

webmaster | 12:02

Schumi can also play soccer  
Yesterday the European Sportnetwork 'Eurosport' showed it on television, the match between the superstars of sport and the superstars of entertainment. In the sportteam there were four F1 drivers: Giancarlo Fisichella, Jos Verstappen (?), Olivier Panis and Michael Schumacher.

The score was 9-6 for the red team of sports! Michael, Olivier and Giancarlo were all responsable for one goal.

Credit for the info and the pictures goes to KazMS from the PrancingHorse Forum!

webmaster | 09:16

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Happy Jay Kay!  
A bit of an old story, (April 15th) but still...I didn't know it and found it interesting enough for

Sports car fanatic Jay Kay, leadsinger of Jamiroquai, is bursting with pride as he picks up his 14th car. The singer forked out £425,000 for a special black Enzo in Maranello, Italy. It is the last one of the 399 Enzos built.
The 33-year-old Jamiroquai star’s other cars include several Ferraris, SEVEN different Mercedes, a Bentley and a Lamborghini.
In 1998, after he was caught speeding, Jay had his driving licence taken away! Temporarily unable to drive, he amused himself by purchasing a 500-year-old, eleven-bedroom Buckinghamshire mansion once owned by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Ex-girlfriend Denise Van Outen once said he got more excited about cars than sex.

webmaster | 22:02

Shakedown for germany  
carried out a shakedown of the three F2003-GA which Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will have at its disposal for the German Grand Prix, at Hockenheim on Sunday 3rd August.
Badoer completed 17 laps, three of them on the short version of the track. He also did a few practice starts. The best lap time on the day was a 58”141.

Photo courtesy of Ferrari SpA.

webmaster | 11:17

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Rumours go in F1 pits  
There are some rumours going in the pits. As always halfway the season the drivers are negosiating with all teams for a seat next year. Even the topdrivers are talking to other teams. What was Montoya doing with McLaren?? Does he wants to drive there next year? BMW motorsports director Gerhard Berger says that he doens't want to lose Montoya, he would like to see both drivers for another year in the team.
For Ferrari things will probably not change next year. Michael Schumacher has signed for the team until 2006 and Barrichello also has a contract for 2004. So no changes there...I think :)

webmaster | 10:48

Monday, July 28, 2003
More pics of the 24 Hours Race  
Want to see more pictures of the 24 Hours Of Spa Francorchamps?? All the pictures we took, my girlfriend and I, are online! My girlfriend, a very good graphical designer, made a photo-album with over 100 shots (some better some worse :)! Just take a look and see what we saw!

webmaster | 11:49

Sunday, July 27, 2003
And the winner Ferrari :(  
With 479 laps the Porche GT3 from FREISINGER MOTORSPORT has won the 24hours of Spa. Second came the Ferrari 550 Maranello from BMS SCUDERIA ITALIA with 471 laps!

webmaster | 17:40

24 Hours Of Spa  
We are just back. Home from two days of racing cars...loud noise...rain and a beautiful hotel!! We, my girlfriend and I, went to the 24 Hours Of Spa Francorchamps. She won tickets in a contest. When we arrived, saturday morning, it was very nice weather and we went to the paddock for some signiatures of drivers. There were also some nice Ferrari's at display, including the Enzo. Later we went to the other side of the track and sat at the tribune, first the one without the roof (cost were 6 euro each extra) later, when it went raining, to the one with roof (another 12 euro each extra!). There we saw some nice things! Ow...and we bought headphones...because the cars on the straight, especially the 360 Modanas, what a sound!!
Later I will show more pictures, and larger ones...but here is the 24h of Spa in a noteshell :)...ow and by the way...look at my T-shirt :D


webmaster | 17:07

Friday, July 25, 2003
Other kinds of fuel?  
Max Mosley has a brand new idea. He doesn't think that there should only be one kind of fuel in the formula one. Why not race with diesel? The talk goes that he has some confersations with a German carbuilder...and that they sugested the diesel engine. It should be a V8 with turbo. The cars have a small fueltank (95 litres) so that they still have to stop for fuel!
Max Mosley is now very busy to make the new rules. His plan is to except these new engines in 2004!

webmaster | 14:00

New Links  
There are some new links on Go vistit the site of a Mondial owner (MyOwnFerrari) or see lot's of links at the Ferrari Portal. I also added another forum (the prancing horse), worth a visit! And to buy real Ferrari crew t-shirts, jackets etc you go to PitLaneF1. So...just go to the linksection of!

webmaster | 10:22

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Yes...Donna Ferrari  
Yes, finally!! At WarmUp, the famous store in Maranello, they had the perfume Donna, for woman. It's the only female sentence of Ferrari. I searched and searched. But I couldn't get it anywhere. Even at a specialised shop here in Holland they didn't have it. Even stronger...they told me it didn't excist.'s the proof. It does excist and it's a, according to my girlfriend, very nice, fresh sentence! So...only available, easily, at WarmUp!! (the delivery though was a bit of a problem...but that's because UPS gave the package to the owner of a bikeshop, where I live above. And I have some troubles with those people. So we just got it today...while the delivery was on the 18th!! Just terrible. But also very stupid of the people from UPS...why didn't they leave a note for me...or just called me at my cellphone (they did have the number...). Next time I let them deliver it at my workadress!!)

And what a beautifull bottle...with, ofcourse, the Ferrari logo (also on the top of the bottle...)!!

webmaster | 20:01

Minardi test on Fiorano  
This friday the team of Minardi will test on the Ferrari track Fiorano. All other teams have agread not to test in this period, but because Minardi has two new drivers it really has to test, this according to Paul Stoddart.
On the track will drive the new test (third) driver Gianmaria Bruni as well as Wilsons replacer Nicolas Kiesa. Wilson went to the team of Jaguar. They fired Pizzonia after the GP of Silverstone! Both the new drivers who work with Minardi never drove a F1-car. Stoddart wants to give them some feeling of the car before he sents them to the track of Hockenheim.

webmaster | 08:48

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Schumacher Ambassador  
Michael Schumacher has been officially declared Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino. It is a role he will fulfil only on particular occasions. The German driver has always been informed about solidarity issues and has taken part in numerous benefit events (not always sporting ones) and will be involved in humanitarian causes.

webmaster | 13:49

No cup for Rubens  
The cup that Rubens last sunday won at the Silverstone GP will not be at his chimney. Why? While he was boarding to the plane, at Heatrow, that would take him home to Brazil someone bumped into the bag where the cup was fell over and...broke. Yes...the cup broke in two pieces! The disapointed driver hopes that he can receive a new one! We hope it to for the sympathic Rubino!

webmaster | 09:23

Monday, July 21, 2003
Happy news!!  
My girlfriend just called me...with a big yell!! She had just heared that she won two tickets for the Proximus 24 Hours race at Spa (Belgium) this weekend!! I was stunned.!! That's just fantatic! Now we can see the 550 Maranello win (I hope :D) and see all these other great cars!! (With the Dutch drivers...)!! Just fantastic. I hope to see the tickets very soon and then hope it will be saturday very soon :)

webmaster | 12:44

Tragedie at Silverstone!  
Yesterday a driver of the Historic Sportscar Challenge died after a crash at Silverstone. David Heynes, 56, an Oxfordshire businessman, was killed while competing in the Historic Sportscar Challenge which followed the grand prix. His 1958 Lotus 15 ploughed into the tyre wall at Becketts Corner.
After this and the other incident (the man who walked onto the straight in protest) the FIA will ask questions to the direction of Silverstone about the savety!

webmaster | 09:21

Sunday, July 20, 2003
Just one word: YES!!  
What a spectaculair race this was. Rubens had a bad start, he said himself because his tyres weren't warm enough, and lost two places. He got stuck behind Trulli and Raikkonen but was very fast! After a few laps the savety car came out, because a part of the McLaren from Coultard fell of onto the track.
A few laps later a silly guy came running onto the track...what a luck he did'n't got hit by the cars! Again the savety car came out...and everybody went into the was so crowded. When Rubens came out he was seventh. Michael was even at a worse place: fourtheenth.
But the race wasn't over. Rubens drove like he was on fire. He passed some cars in a fabulous way and he finaly went by Kimi. And...yes! He won his first race of this season. Just before Montoya en Raikkonen. Michael Schumacher became fourth and is still the leader of the championship.
To Rubens: WELL DONE!!! You deserve it!!!

webmaster | 18:16

Good luck Rubens  
We wish all the luck of the world to Rubens Barrichello. Why? Because he drove like hell on saturday and may begin the race as first! Yes...he's one pole position!
On friday Rubens had a bad day. Was he during practice fourth, during the qualification he made a little mistake and spun of the track. So on saturday he started as second.
Nobody could touch his time, except his teammate Michael Schumacher. But he made a little mistake, we don't see those much from him, and went through the grass. So he became fifth. He stands behind his main enemy's (for the championship) Kimi Raikkonen and Ralf Schumacher. Trulli took with his Renault second place. Coultard was struggeling with his McLaren en was best twelfth!! Montoya also had some struggles and became sixth.
We hope for Rubens that he has more luck then ever. He is a fast driver and he has the best car! So...good luck Rubens! May you win the Silverstone GP!

webmaster | 10:05

Friday, July 18, 2003
Coulthard fastest  
In the past few days Bridgetone told everybody that they improved the tyres so much that they were very competitive. But after the first training at Silverstone there are only three cars with Bridgetones in the top 10.
Best Ferrari was the one with Barrichello behind the wheel. He became forth, just after Webber (second) and Alonso (third). Michael Schumacher didn't came further then a ninth place. But what to say about the two Williamsen...eleventh and twelfth! And Raikkonen...he ended up as fourteenth.
But this was only friday...the day of testing...of driving with lot's of fuel etc. Let's hope that the Reds are in front tomorrow!!

webmaster | 13:40

Ferraris for sale...or for auction  
Want to buy a Ferrari. You can find over 200 Ferraris, worldwide, on the site of Denning Cars. Nicely sorted! And special ones to, what to think of a Ferrari 212 Inter Pinin Farina Coupe, located in the USA and for sale for 375.000 dollars. Or a beautiful white Ferrari 275 GTS Spider, somewhere in Europe, for sale for 198.000 euros.
But when you do want a Ferrari, but hope to spent less money on it, you can also bid in a auction. Several Ferraris are there to bid on, like a Ferrari 365 GTC/4, a 328, 348 TS, but also (not a car...but very special) a Ferrari Formula (ladies)Watch from Cartier. The price of the watch is now on 180 English Pounds. And that's not expencive at all...when you have the money of course!

webmaster | 09:54

Thursday, July 17, 2003
Confident for Victory  
Both drivers are very confident about the next Grand Prix. Silverstone is, for Ferrari, always a great track were they good celebrate many victories. Even the first victory that Ferrari ever made was on Silverstone by Froilan Gonzales in 1951 in his 375/F1.
But Silverstone was also the circuit were Michael broke his leg when he made his worst crash ever in 1999. That year the championship was won by Hakkinen, who won only by a few points to Eddie Irvine in his Ferrari!
Let's hope that this weekend will be a great weekend for the guys from Maranello!!

webmaster | 09:52

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Long distance with F2003GA  
In the past week Ferrari went testing to improve the performance of the F2003GA and the Bridgetone tyres. They said they made several important improvements and they are confident for the race at Silverstone this weekend.
The Scuderia tested at Barcelona, Fiorano and Mugello. In total they drove a stunning 4252 kilometres with the F2003GA!

webmaster | 09:15

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Rossi to Ferrari?  
When Moto GP-driver Valentino Rossi has any interest in going from two to four wheels, he has not to worry. A couple of F1-teams already said to be happy to give him a seat! Also Ferrari. In the words of Piero Ferrari (who still has 10% of the stocks of Ferrari): "I would love to give him a change in one of our Formula one cars."
Also Paul Stoddart, of the Minardi team, would really like to give him a contact. What Rossi wants? We don't know...but it would be quite interesting to see how fast the 2-wheel champ can go!!

webmaster | 13:59

Monday, July 14, 2003
GT 4 ME?  
Does anybody have any spare money for me...what a beauty this 308GT4 is and for sale for (only) 21.750 euro (in The Netherlands). A couple of weeks ago I made a post about a Mondial, also for this amount, for sale at Kroymans. Last week I went to their site and...what do you think? Yes, sold!! So now I try it again :) The time that I can really affort one of these (and the maintenance) will come...I hope...soon!

webmaster | 16:18

For Sale...RIVA  
As seen on RIVA 32 Ferrari - A Ferrari that Float s, one of only 40 ever built. Riva the Italian boat builder collaborated with Ferrari Engineering to design a 32ft high performance boat. MSRP was $396,000 in 1990. This Riva has (2) 400-hp gas BPM engines with a top speed of about 60 mph. Excellent condition with under 100 hrs of operation. You can buy this beauty for (only) 165.000 dollar!!!

webmaster | 13:42

Ferrari also visitor of  
Okay okay, it is because I sent a mail to them (wich they also answered) with the URL. But still, very funny to see in my stats...Ferrari, Maranello, Italy! Visitor of You're very welcome...hope to see you more in the future!

webmaster | 12:30

Sunday, July 13, 2003
Even in the weekend  
On saturday was the fith and last day of testing for Ferrari at Fiorano track. Michael Schumacher was again behind the wheel for a serie of test laps to develop the Bridgetone tyres. In total he drove 133 laps. Best time was 56.974.

webmaster | 17:58

Friday, July 11, 2003
Just made some updates to New miniatures (1/43, 1/5, 1/2 and radio-controlled) a update of the magazines, new links etc. Hope you enjoy!

webmaster | 17:01

Rubins fasted on third testday  
On the third day of testing in Barcelona was Rubens Barrichello almost 2/10 of a second faster than the Williams of Marc Gene. On a hot last day of testing in Barcelona, it was almost 32 decrees celcius, drove Barrichello 100 laps and Gene even 150.
McLaren came with three drivers (and cars) to the track. Kimi couldn't go faster than a sixt time and for Coulthard was the thirtheent time the best he could do.
Also in action were Jordan, Jaguar, BAR, Renault and Toyota.

webmaster | 09:27

Wednesday, July 09, 2003 I know were my money goes...  
This is what I saw past monday. I heard a familiar, and beautiful sound, and...yes, it was a Ferrari. A red 550 Maranello. It parked just in front of our appartment. And who was behind the wheel? landlord!

webmaster | 17:06

New item at ForzaRossa  
Wow...what a great cars these are. Can they still be called miniatures? I don't know. These Ferraris and Maseratis are in scale 1,5:2 and powered by a Fiat Topollino engine. They can go as fast as 100 km/h!! What a great toy for your older childeren...or yourself ofcourse! For more pictures, go to the miniatures page. There is also the link to the site of Carrozzeria Allegretti!

webmaster | 12:34

Badoer fastest in test  
At the first day of testing looked everything good for Ferrari. As Jean Todt already said after the race in France, must Ferrari find new speed in the tests this couple of weeks. And everything looks like they do a great job. The first test was in Barcelona and Badoer was faster then Gene in the Williams. The difference was almost 4/10e of a second!
McLaren were also with two cars in Barcelone but couldn't really compete with the Williams and Ferraris. DeLaRosa and Wurz didn't came further then the fifth and seventh (and last) time. Must be said that Wurz only drove seven laps.

webmaster | 09:07

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
New 2+2 Ferrari  
These sketches were released by Ferrari itself. They give you a first impression of the new 2+2 Ferrari that will be released at the Detroit Motor Show on January 2004. And...if the car will look like these pictures...what a beauty it will be, at least, that's my humble opinion!


webmaster | 09:01

Monday, July 07, 2003
Third place only...  
It was a hard struggle. And Michael and his Ferrari gave everything they had. Third place. That's all there was in it. But a great fight with both the McLarens...who were in front of him for half of the race. The race was won by the pole setter: Ralf Schumacher...his second win (and the second one-two for the team) in row.
Barrichello made a little mistake in the first round and had to drive throught the whole field. He finished as sevend...a fine job for him!
Now let's hope that during the two weeks before the race of Silvertone they can find some extra improvements so that they can beat both the McLarens and the Williamsen!!

webmaster | 09:07

Friday, July 04, 2003
No perfect Friday For Ferrari  
It rained for half the Friday Kwalification. On the wet track both Ferrari's were fasted. But the track dried up and the cars went faster and faster. But Micheal and Rubens didn't go out anymore. So they ended up at a sixt and for Rubens even a fiftheenth place. Wow...we don't see that often...even on a friday. But we are all confident about tomorrow. The Ferrari's will strike back!!

webmaster | 14:26

Ferrari Dog?  
This picture was taken (not by me...unfortunately) at the "Ferrari Brunch Meeting" in Gotemba, Japan. The event with lot's of Ferrari's was organised by Mr. Matsuda. And there was also this 'Ferrari Dog'! Think that his owners love them both very much...there Ferrari and there dog!

webmaster | 11:59

Wednesday, July 02, 2003
10 years Todt  
Yesterday was it exactly 10 years ago that Jean Todt became head of the Gestione Sportiva. Michael suprised him with a very nice articel in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

webmaster | 10:06



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