Sunday, August 31, 2003
308GT4 Section on  
Just made a start with a new item on The 308GT4 section. This will be the start for more car specialized topics. There is now not much to see at the 308GT4 page, but more wil folow soon!

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Eh...where is the rest?  
Eh? What's this...a mondial who's been hit by a big chainsaw?? Nope.
This car is 1/2 a Ferrari Mondial. Story is that a telcom company had used it for an exhibit at a trade show, maybe COMDEX. It was auctioned off on eBay and around October of 2000 someone in the Seattle area bought it and was going to restore it to a complete car. Seen on:

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Try to chase a F 50 GT...  
What an awsome video...that sound...WOW...What I'm talking about? Well, I just saw a videofile (wmf) about a Ferrari 355 chasing a F 50 GT...increadable. Ofcourse it's already an older car...and the video (you can buy it on DVD...just follow the link) has been made in december 2002, but still, it made you shiffer!! The videofiles can be downloaded at but they are a bit big (12 and 14 Mb).

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Saturday, August 30, 2003
I had never heart of it...but it sounds like a lot of fun: The PlayersRun. On their site they say:

"Playersrun USA 2003 - Los Angeles to Miami.100 carefully selected Players (from US MTV Jackass to Germany's top Hip Hop band Massive Toene) , 50 cars were part of this sensational, highly exclusive event. Playersrun - on the ground, in the air and on the water...the ultimate road rally challenge!"

It sounds a bit like the Cannonball and maybe it is...
They are now busy with the PlayersRun 2004.

"In 2003 Powertrip brought you Indy cars, race tracks, mad police escorts, powerboats, yachts, helicopters, private jets, Playmates and crazy parties...all in one week. Now get ready for Playersrun 2004! This run will once again raise the bar.Playersrun 2004 - Beyond Your Imagination..."
Limited to 60 cars.

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575 GTC  
The New Ferrari Maranello 575 GTC has run for the first time. It was driven by touringcar veteran Giorgio Francia at N-tech's test track and at the Alfa Romeo track at Balocco.
Further testing will make out when the car will makes its debut at the FIA GT Championship.

webmaster | 17:47

Troubles for Michelin?  
Not only Bridgetone has troubles...the other F1 tyre profider has some too.
The FIA has ruled that the Michelin tyres which have given Williams and McLaren a competitive edge over Ferrari, who use Bridgestone, could in some circumstances be illegal.
The problem is this: the FIA usualy measures the tyres from both Bridgetone and Michelin before the race, and than everything was fine. But now, after complaints they got from Bridgetone, the FIA will measure after the race. And then Michelin has a problem. The grooves are then almost gone but even worse is that the contact patch overstepped the 270mm limit.
Michelin sources said that its factory at Clermont-Ferrand was working hard to build enough revised tyres for next week's test at Monza.
Charlie Whiting, the FIA's technical delegate, had written to the team principals outlining changes to checks on the tread patterns of the front tyres.

Whiting advised the teams: "It has become clear that under certain circumstances the total front tyre contact patch on some cars can exceed 270mm in width, despite the fact that when measured statically on a new tyre the apparent tread width does not exceed the maximum stipulated in the sporting regulations.

"With immediate effect, any part of a front tyre which we consider has been in regular or systematic contact with the track will be deemed tread and will be taken into account when measuring the width of the tyre as defined in the regulations."

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Friday, August 29, 2003
This happens a lot  
One of the things that can happen to anybody, but even more when you drive a Ferrari...pulled over by a cop! Yeah...that S****! :) Luckaly this guy only got a ticket for driving without licence plates and not for the challenge exhaust. :D

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Thursday, August 28, 2003
Mike Gascoyne says:  
The technical director of Renault, Mike Gascoyne, blames Bridgetone for the failure of Ferrari. He even thinks that Ferrari will lose this years title because of the tyres. "Ofcourse you never no with Michael, but the Ferrari had so much trouble in Hungaria that I think they will not recover in time."
He thinks that the best cards are in the hands of Montoya. "And he has to. Because will the team back him up next year? The following year he will leave to McLaren!" But what about McLaren? Do they have a change according to Gascoyne? "Well...this could be their last change...they must grab it soon!"

Ferrari itself thinks they will have changes in Italy and Japan. It will be hard in America, but even there they are not yet beaten! They have new aerodinamica and ofcourse they had lot's of confersation with hope the Japanese guys have a better tyre for the Red Team!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
How about this?  
Do you want your Ferrari go faster...faster and more faster? What to think of this one? A 550 Maranello 'Blower Barchetta' with golden rims... :)

webmaster | 11:19

Monday, August 25, 2003
Bad Ferrari Weekend  
A great victory...let's start with that...for the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso. With his 22 years is he the youngest driver ever to win a Formula one race. His Renault was strong...very stong. So strong that at the end of the race there were blue flags for the number one car...yes, the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher. He had to let him pass and finished at one lap, at place eight. Therefor he received just one point, enough to let him still lead the WorldChampionShip. He's no followed at just one point by Montoya and number three Kimi Raikonnen is at two points...everything can happen in the next three races.

For Rubens Barrichello the worst thing possible happend. He was driving a good race and after the start he was at place three...but then, at the end of the straight, where they are driving at speeds up to 299 km/h, his rear tyre just broke off and he crashed into the wall. A huge accident, but fortunately he could get out himself and puts his tumb up to the crowd...
Let's hope the Ferraris have more luck next race...Monza!!

ow...and I'm feeling a little ill so I don't think I update any more posts today...maybe tomorrow more news!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Outrun by a familycar  
What if you drive a Porsche and you stop at for a red light. Next to you stops a Lancia familycar. An older one. A Thema. Then ofcourse you think that you can drive slowaly away from the light and still be the first at the next light...but what if...that Lancia...sounds like this:

Hear the Engine!!

Then, yes, then you are being outrun by a Lancia Thema 8.32, with a Ferrari V8 engine!! This one is for sale for (only) 16.500 euro!!

webmaster | 22:27

Renault in front...  
In a superb lap drove Alonso to the pole position. His second this year. With his 1.21.688 he was almost three tenth of a second faster than Ralf Schumacher in his Williams. Number three is Mark Webber in the Jaguar. The Ferraris had a difficult qualification. Rubens was fastest, with the fifth time. He drove exactly the same time as Montoya, but because Montoya was faster in the saturday qualification he can start as fourth. Michael Schumacher didn't even came close to his teammate...he was almost sixtenth of a second slower and ended up at place eight, just behind his close rival Kimi Raikonnen.
Ralph Firman, who crashed very hard yesterday, didn't drove today. His place has been taken by the Hongarian driver Z. Baumgartner. He did a great job...considering that he didn't even tested the car, and drove to the 19th place, just between the Minardis from Jos Verstappen (18th) and Kiesa (20th).

webmaster | 21:25

Ehh...what's this?  

webmaster | 12:09

Is it wrecked??? you own a Ferrari F40. But this doesn't mean you know how to drive it. So you wreck it. And I mean...wreck it totally. You think you wasted everything and bring your car for to a Ferrari dealer in Germany. They think: "yeah...that car is wrecked, but..." and start working on it. Everything had to be rebuilt, bodywork, engine, interior etc.
And really don't believe it but here it is again:
like new :)
Thanks Mathias for the link

webmaster | 11:48

Heavy crash at Hungary  
During practice this morning the Brittish Formula one driver Ralph Firman, driving in a Jordan, crashed with highspeed into the wall. After the crash he was taken by helicopter to a hospital. The 28-year old Firman was driving at 250 km/h when he lost control and drove his EJ13 into a tyre wall. Teamowner Eddie Jordan says that Firman has pain in his foot and that in the hospital a scan has been made. It's not sure if Firman is fit enough to drive in qualification today.
Ralf Schumacher was this morning the fastest, just before 'our' guys. Montoya drove the fouth time.

webmaster | 11:31

Difficult Friday Qually  
On the friday qualification both the Ferraris were stuggaling. Rubens had a good lap but as the car was behaving totally different in qually as in practice, he didn't came further than a fifth place. Michael Schumacher was complaining about the dirty track. That was, according to him, the reason that he now is on ninth place, just before Kimi Raikonnen, but one place behind Montoya. It looks like Renault is very stong here...with Trulli at the (friday) pole.
Other news is that both Barrichello and Raikonnen don't get any penalty or fine for the accident three weeks ago at Hockenheim. This was announced by the FIA.

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Friday, August 22, 2003
Almost finished...  
As I said a couple of days ago, for my birthday I got a Radio-Controlled F2002. It only had to be I did, yesterday evening. It took some hours...but it was not too hard. And now it's almost finished. It already fast :). Now I just have to add the decals, I think I will do that tonight or tomorrow. Just one pity...our livingroom is too small to drive it well, it has so much speed!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2003
Were are the South African Ferrari lovers?  
For several days I try to find some South-African or African Ferrari enthousiasts. There must be some Ferrari lovers around...because I can't imagine that in a content as big as Africa nobody watches Formula 1 or dreams of owning a Ferrari...but maybe I'm just ignorant :) In a try to find the Tifosi of Africa, here a posting of the most succesfull South African Formula 1 driver: Jody Scheckter.

Jody Scheckter became South Africa's only Formula One world champion in 1979, driving a Ferrari to the title. It was a fast rise to the top for the young man from East London. He joined Formula One in 1972 at age 22, racing just once for McLaren. He subsequently drove for Tyrell and Wolf - finishing as high as third in the World Championship - before joining Ferrari in 1979 and going on to win the world title. He retired the following year. Amazingly, following Scheckter's success in 1979 it was 21 years before Ferrari again claimed the driver's title. His career in Formula One included 10 victories, one of them a win in front of his home fans in the South African Grand Prix of 1975.
Text comes from

webmaster | 13:08

Ralf gets fine!  
The penalty that Ralf Schumacher got just after the GP of Germany, for causing the accident, has been changed. The marshals of the GP decided that he should be taken back ten places at the next GP (Hungary) but team Williams appealed. The FIA had yesterday a trial and the punishment has changed to an fine of 50.000 dollar. And the FIA also asked the marshals of the German GP to consider if Ralf wasn't the only who has been wrong at the accident. They want to know if Kimi Raikonnen and Rubens Barrichello also were able to affoid the accident. If so, they will probalbly also get a fine.

webmaster | 09:26

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Brawn is still confident  
Okay...the F2003GA is not as dominant as he thought...but Ross Brawn is still satisfied with the car and very confident that when all potential comes out of the car it will be as competitive as the F2002. That car was things could be improved anymore, but this car can still be improved!
Now they are working on a development of the car for 2004. That car will be far better than this seasons car. "The F2003GA is an improvement. We didn't think it was instantly better than the old car, but now that the drivers know how to drive it and we know how to run it, it's really an improvement." Ross Brawn said in an interview. "To me it's beautiful. Everything is integrated. I hope that the next one will be even more beautiful."

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Isn't this great...this is the 1/14 scale, radiocontrol F2002...and it's mine :) Yesterday was my 27th birthday and this was the present of my girlfriend and my mother! And it's so beautiful. Ofcourse I still have to built it, and I will take pictures during it. I really can't wait until it's's really great. Another gift was the book: memoirs of Enzo Ferrari's lieutenant, (also from my mother)...a really fantastic book with great private pictures of racedrivers and of Enzo Ferrari!

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Monday, August 18, 2003
I'm working on a new gallery on At this moment the only gallery is about the 24 hours race of Spa Francorchamps 2003. I'm now working on a gallery about the 308 GT4, the 'starters' Ferrari.
I've got already a lot of pictures and info about this car, but does anybody have any 'real life' stories and want to communicate them with the world? Or does anybody have special pics about the GT4 and want to share them with all of the viewers of Just sent them to me...I make a special topic/ gallery for this fantastic Ferrari! Just mail me at

webmaster | 11:04

Update Modena almost ready  
The 360 Modena will get a fresh face in 2004. Just look at the headlights and you'll see some difference between the 360 of now and the new one. Also, not to see for the eye, the power will be increased to 420 - 425 hp.

webmaster | 10:45

Sunday, August 17, 2003
Females in the Formula 1!  
Former Ferrari driver and world champion, and former Jaguar teamboss, Nikki Lauda has a new project. He wants a F1 seat for the, now 16-year old, female Natacha Gachnang. Lauda: "She is a very quick the BMW ADAC-drivingschool she beat all the boys. I will make sure she will end up in the Formula 1."
The last female in Formula 1 was Giovanna Amati in 1992. She did not manage to qualify for any race in her Brabham.
Team Minardi is very interested in getting a female driver. The team, with lot's of financial problems, sees several commercial bennefits in a female driver. The interest of Paul Stoddart doesn't go to the protege of Lauda, but to Sarah Fischer. She is now driving in the IRL (on the ovals) and is very fast there. Stoddart hopes that Sarah takes the invitation for a testdrive with Minardi.

webmaster | 10:55

Saturday, August 16, 2003
Project F 40  
Wow...that must really hurt. Look at that front end of the F 40. Totally wrecked! But Forza Service, a Dutch Ferrari Service company in Oss, is rebuilding this entire F 40. Luckely the engine was intact, but the need to rebuilt the front, side and parts of the interior to make tis car again a breathtaking F 40!

webmaster | 11:24

Friday, August 15, 2003
New Banner!  

webmaster | 17:28

Strange horse...  
Ehh....what happend here? Seen on Ferrari This sign was on the back of a F 40 (for sale at barrett-jackson), but why? Why has the horse moved?? Does anybody has the answer??? (just add a comment if you know...or if you have other pics of this F 40)

webmaster | 16:01

Nice cafe  
Don't know for sure, because I couldn't find the adress on the site, but this looks like a very nice cafe in Japan. Why the C8 cafe so nice is? Because they also sell like the one on the picture; a 328 Koenig. On the site there are also pictures of Lamborghinis, Jaguar, Porsche etc. It's probably like this: "excuse me sir, do you want to order?" ... "Yes, please. I would like a coffee, some cake, and me also the Ferrari 328 Koenig" ...

webmaster | 15:10

Dream or nightmare?  
Lot's of people dream of finding a very special, rare, good preserved car in a barn...but what if you do find one...special, rare, but absolutely not good preserved? At the picture you see a Ferrari 330 America (red, s/n 4973) and a Maserati 3500. Both, together with some other Italian cars, were in a barn in America. Found by Eric Nielsen (who also took the picture), but what do you do when you find it? Buy it and try to restore the car(s)...then you have to spent lots of money on it! you can read at VeloceToday the Ferrari has been sold, but the several Maserati's and the Alfa 2600 are still for sale!

webmaster | 14:02

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Four Countries In 48 Hours  
The Cannonball 3000 event, which start on September 19th, is a race from London to Monte Carlo in just 48 hours. A variety of vehicles will be driven. Among them are several Ferrari's and Porsches, a Lamborghini Diablo, a couple of Mini's, Audi TT's and a 1964 Corvette. On the website of the Cannonball 3000, people can fill out a participation form if they want to take part in this very special race over normal roads.
There is even a rumour that Damon Hill would take part in the event. It's not confirmed by Hill himself.

webmaster | 13:30

Canada GP...The End  
As we earlier reported, the Canadian GP will be lost next year. But the day after this were announced by the eventpromotor Normand Legault, he claimed to received a lettre from Bernie Ecclestone, Bernie denied everything. He reacted even very supprised and said he didn't know anything about the letter.
Normand Legault didn't like this reaction, his creability was at now he sent a copy of the letter to a Candadian newspaper, "La Presse". What will Bernie say about that action?
Whatever that is, one thing is clear now...there won't be any Formula one cars next year at the GP of Montreal...and that's a pity!

webmaster | 06:55

Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Ferrari biggest competitor  
Sam Micheal from the Williams team says he thinks that Ferrari is their biggest competitor. Mainly because Ferrari has Bridgetone tyres. I hear you think: 'But those tyres were just a problem for the last races.'
Yes...but Sam sees it this way: 'McLaren and us both drive on the Michelin tyres. We now what these tyres are capable of...a thing we don't know about the Bridgetones. So we never know were Ferrari will stand each race. We have got to keep an eye on them!
Formar Ferrari-driver, Jean Alesi, thinks that Michael Schumacher will win this years title on experience. "I think that Micheal has so much experience that he exactly knows what to do each race. He is very reliable and realy wants his sixt title!" Alesi also thinks that the reckless driving of Montoya will keep him from the title.

webmaster | 08:54

Sunday, August 10, 2003
Lovely for him AND her!  
Elegant coffee set in white porcelain. The pieces feature the Prancing Horse crest and are bordered in gold. Included are two cups and two matching saucers. To be used in those relaxing moments, the set is displayed in a red case. Which guy wouldn't love to drink his coffee from these cups? And it's a lovely present to your girl/ wife :) Seen at the FerrariShop for 112,50 euro.

webmaster | 12:26

Saturday, August 09, 2003
When will Zandvoort has this for real?  
When wil this be real...and not a demo? Ferrari driving at the circuit of Zandvoort, in The Netherlands! Both Luca Badoer and Felipe Massa were giving the audience of the Marlboro Masters a demo of the Ferrari Formula 1 car! The crowd was standing onto their banches while the drivers gave everything they had on the straight!

Other news of the Marlboro Masters, the pole position for the Formula 3 race is set by Nelson Piquet jr.

webmaster | 22:15

Posters for sale at ForzaRossa  
Three posters are now for sale at ForzaRossa! Two posters from Misano 2002, one with the Maserati on it and one from Ferrari. And the other poster is from Team Viper, Roos Optima Racing, signed by the four drivers from the team (see also the gallery, picture 4). Just mail me any reasonable offer!!

webmaster | 16:31

Friday, August 08, 2003
No more Canada GP  
The GP of Canada has lost her place on the F1 calander due to the ban on tobacco advertising. This announcement came from evenement promoter Normand Legault of the circuit. Reason that Montreal has lost the F1 licence is the same that took the GP away from Belgium (Spa), the tabacco laws.
Since 1997 it was forbidden by law to advertise with tabacco brands in Canada. The GP were excluded from this law for seven years. That exclusion ends this october, and with it also ends the GP of Canada!
Legault received yesterday a letter from Bernie Ecclestone where the announcements were made.
Every year almost 300.000 people vistit the GP of Canada in Montreal. The loss of the race will have a negative effect on the city economy!
The Belgium governement has changed the rules for the GP and next year the F1 cars will start there, we hope that the governement of Canada wants to look at their rules about tobacco again!

webmaster | 13:22

Thursday, August 07, 2003
What about your own 333 SP? read it right. There is a brand new, yellow 333 SP for sale. Finished in unchipped Ferrari Fly yellow paint, the F333 SP s/n 039 is fitted with an 650bhp V12. This stunning car has been carefully maintained by an ex-Ferrari mechanic to factory instructions, and needs nothing. Ferrari F333 SP s/n 039 offers a unique chance for the collector or driver to own a new, never tracked, state-of-the-art Ferrari Sports Race car. Found it at

webmaster | 09:26

Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Updated F2003-GA in Monza  
Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello get an updated F2003-GA at their home-GP at Monza. De car will be improved in every way, tyres, engine, chassis.
The Ferrari-engine will provide more horsepower and consume less fuel. Rory Byrne is now working on a new aerodynamic package that will improve speed, at the high-speed track.
And also the Japanse from Bridgetone are working very hard to improve their tyres. They want to make a huge step at the GP at Monza.
Because of the testban the guys of Ferrari are now at work in the Factory. But soon they will begin with testing at several tracks, including Mugello, Barcelona and maybe Jerez.
The team wants to make an important comeback for the GPs of Monza, Indianapolis and Suzuka!

webmaster | 12:15

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Interested in a F1-car?  
When you always wanted to know how it must be to be a F1-driver, but you don't have a superlicence...and you are to old (you think) to get one...then just buy a jused F1-car!
For instance go to Modena-Motorsport. They have several F1-cars for sale. What to think about the beauty on the picture. A 312 B2 from 1972. Originaly driven by Jacky Ickx!
Is that one to old for your you want something faster...faster...faster? What about a F310B, driven in 1997 by Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine, 650 HP, 7-speed gearbox, semi-automatic! That really goes fast...if you are a good driver ofcourse!

webmaster | 10:26

Monday, August 04, 2003
Ferrari 575GTC  
The factory developed Ferrari 575GTC sportscar has been out testing as a September race debut is lined up. The cars will drive in both the European GT series and the ALMS GTS class in North America. There will also be a consumer version made.
Recently the car, to be known as the 575GTC, drove at Fiorano, and at the Alfa Romeo track at Balocco. Alfa Romeo test driver Giorgio Francia did most of the testing, with Pirelli-contracted Fabio Babini joining him to carry out tyre development work.
The car on the picture isn't the new Ferrari, it's the 550 Maranello at the 24Hours of Spa Francorchamps.

webmaster | 16:15

Ralf gets penalty  
After the race Ralf Schumacher was called to the marshals of the German circuit. He then said that at the start he was totally busy to get in front of Montoya and his brother and that he didn't pay attention to the other cars (behind him). In the television replay you could really see that he hit Rubens. Rubens then hit Kimi who made a big crash.
Ralf got a penalty of the marshalls. In the next race he will be set 10 places back on the startgrid. So...if he set the 2nd time...he will start from place 12!
The Williams team emediately appealed! (but rumours said the penalty now can even increase...)

webmaster | 09:33

Sunday, August 03, 2003
No Ferrari at podium  
At the start of the GP of Germany all things went wrong for Rubens. He got stuck between Ralf Schumacher and Kimi Raikonnen. Ralf hit him with his rear tyre and Barrichello hit Raikkonen. Kimi really crashed from the circuit and went hard in the tyres.
Later he needed some medical attention but was okay. Rubens fell out because his front suspension was broken after the collision.
Michael had a bad start, is it the tyres or the electronic start meganism? He was passed by the Renault of Alonso but did manage
to stay out of the huge trouble in turn one. When the race went on he did manage to overtake Alonso, who went off the track, and later to overtake Trulli in a spectacuar way. But, driving on second place, all went wrong for the Ferrari team. He got a flat rear tyre.
Just three laps before the end he had to come in. He did finished in the points, but at a seventh place. Montoya won the race.
His thirt win ever!
Better luck for Ferrari in Hungarie we hope!!

webmaster | 20:45

ForzaRossa Gallery online took some time, but finaly the ForzaRossa Gallery is online. To start there is only one gallery. 20 Pictures of the 24 Hours of Spa Francorchamps. The pictures my girlfriend took were already online (see Hope you enjoy!

webmaster | 12:07

Barrichello fastest...Ferrari  
He was for a long time the man on pole, Rubens Barrichello. But in the end both Williams drivers Montoya and Ralf Schumacher went faster. Just by an inch...and Montoya is on pole. Michael Schumacher took the sixt time, he made a little mistake in the first corner...otherwise he probably would be on second row. But how is the stradegy? Will Micheal and Rubens drive with diffent tyres (different compount?). Let's just watch the race and see!

webmaster | 12:01

Friday, August 01, 2003
Ferraris in search of race-trim  
The free practice of the German GP showed that Coulthard still wants to show that he can drive fast. He was the fastest on the friday and helt the two Renaults of Truli and Alonso behind him. Raikonnen did something completely different, and drove the 15th time. Both the Ferraris were not trying to get to the best time. They were trying to get the car in the right ballance for the sunday race. Therefor came Schumacher not further then the 11th time and Barrichello a even worse 16th.
The new driver from Minardi was last, but only a short distance behind his teammate Jos Verstappen.

webmaster | 14:47

Update Miniatures!  
I added some new miniatures to the site. Scale 1/8 this time, very nice models, but also very expensive. I wish I had the money...but I can only look at some nice pictures! Under the pictures are links to the site(s) were you can buy them! The link page is also, again, updated. Some nice new sites were added! Enjoy!

webmaster | 11:47



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