Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Nice details...  
What about this...is this nice or what?! Very nice details of this 1/10 scale Ferrari 500 TRC! Made by Maurizio Conti.

webmaster | 16:57

Monday, September 29, 2003
Nice View!  
Saw this at the FerrariChat forum. Just wanted it to show here too...what a nice view, driving in your 308 GTS, looking at...more 308s!! (and 328 and a 348 Speciale).

webmaster | 22:47

Klemantaski Collection  

A little white space...that's what this picture deserves...This is so beautiful.

quote from the Klemantaski site:
This is unquestionably one of Klemantaski's most famous photographs, showing Peter Collins at the wheel of the 3.5 liter Ferrari Monza Type 857S with which he, with Klemantaski as passenger, won this very difficult 671-mile event. This photograph was used for many years by Ing. Ferrari for the cover of his book Piloti, che gente...

This and many, many other pics on the Klemcoll.com site!!

webmaster | 19:22

Sunday, September 28, 2003
Great Victory!!!  
And a great victory it was! The 70st victory of Michael Schumacher...a impressive total. And the Worldtitle this year is now very nearby...Michael only needs one point (or no points when Raikonnen fails to get any points) and he is the WorldChampion of 2003.
In the rain, at Indianapolis, Michael was the best, with a great stratagy. Kimi Raikonnen became second and Heinz-Harold Frentzen became third. For Montoya the fight for the Worldtitle is over...he became sixth. We'll see them back in two weeks...in Japan!

webmaster | 22:45

What's in a name...  
Funny...The Maserati Alfa Ferrari Fiat Italian Automobiles Car Club.

webmaster | 17:12

Who's the boss?  
It's the question of all times, who's the boss, the man or the woman?? In the case of Michael Schumacher it will be known very soon. Why? Because Michaels wife Corina doesn't want him to be a F1 driver anymore. She wants him to stop after the Suzuka GP! She wants him to spent more time with her and their children.
And, although Michael always said he doesn't want to stop yet and although he also has a new contract, he might just stop.
When he does stop the Italian driver Fisischella holds the best cards to get into his seat. And also his contract with Sauber (who drive with Ferrari-engines) doesn't stand in his way.
To be continued...

webmaster | 12:22

Saturday, September 27, 2003
Who will win???  
In the top 10 of the GP of America at Indianapolis there are only two cars with Bridgetone tyres...that has to say something. And, ofcourse, both those cars are Ferraris.
Barrichello did a fine job. Although he thought he could be on pole, he just missed it by a bit. He's second, just behind Kimi Raikonnen...suprisingly at pole, only his second! Even more a suprise was the number three...Panis in his Toyota! Both the Williams drivers did well...Montoya is fourth and Ralf is fifth. Alonso took sixth place with his Renault and were is Michael then...well he's seventh...now hope he's on a different stratagy. Let's hope it will be a great race...for Ferrari I mean!!

webmaster | 23:23

Ferrari strong?!  
It's hard to say because Barrichello and M.Schumacher were on a different stratagy, but it looks like Ferrari will be very strong in the USA! During the friday practice J.Truli with his Renault took pole, but just behind him was Rubino!
Ralf Schumacher made the best time for Williams, he has the 4th time, just before WorldChampion candidate Montoya. Coultard, with the sixth time, was the best McLaren driver. Michael was eight and Kimi Raikonnen had the ninth place.
As you can see all the 'second drivers' were faster than their number ones. Let's see what will happen today...during qualify!

Michael Schumacher was, and that's a good thing for the race, very relaxed. He checked last monday into his hotel and the manager of the hotel didn't recognised him. And for Michael that's a good thing. He can walk in public in America and don't be bothered by people. He took advantage of that and went for a quick (and small) gamble in Las Vegas!

webmaster | 11:53

Friday, September 26, 2003
Nice horse...  
Want something exclusive. Something nice? What about this bronze statue of the prancing horse? It's about 65 centimeters high and costs 500 euros.

webmaster | 15:50

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Tuned F512M?  
Okay...this is another one-off Ferrari from the collection Sultan Of Brunei. The info about this car was that it's a modification of the F50. But when I check the rearlights and the rims it seems more like a tuned F512M...Does anybody have the answer??

webmaster | 17:32

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
1/18 Scale Brunei Specials  
Just a few days ago I saw for the first time a picture of this car. Of the real one. I didn't like it at all. A four doors Ferrari sedan. Why?? Why does the Sultan of Brunei wants these cars??
But ofcourse when the car has been built...there must be a miniature too. And there is...I saw this one (scale 1/18) on a German site. Also there: the 456 Venice Station, the F50 GT and many more. Only one bit...they are quiet expensive (the 456 4doors is 409 euro!!)

webmaster | 13:06

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
365 GT 2+2 Friction Drive  
Didn't know for sure what kind of model this was, but according to the site FerrariStuff.com it's a 365 GT 2+2. I just bought it a couple of days ago (together with the blue 308 GT4 and the Modulo). The miniature is in scale 1/30 and made in former Czechoslovakia in the late 1960s. You can open the hood and the trunk. The miniature is also made in yellow and red(as can be seen at FerrariStuff.com). (by the way...I didn't bought it there!)

webmaster | 11:19

Monday, September 22, 2003
Scandinavian Vintage Ferraris  
Site creator and Ferrari Historian Kare Pietila of Helsinki, Finland attempts to document ecery pre-1965 Ferrari that has ever touched ground in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway and does a perfect job of it!

webmaster | 19:53

Sunday, September 21, 2003
Looking for Ferrari prototypes?  
Do you know this car? According to Conceptcarz.com it is a F50 Bolide, a 1998 prototype of the F50. This site has a lot of interesting details about concept Ferraris as well as the production Ferraris. What about the Ferrari F100? Or the FZ93. Just check it out!

webmaster | 13:31

Saturday, September 20, 2003
New 1/18 scale miniature  
Look at the 1/18 scale miniature page for the new F2003GA, with the shark look!!

webmaster | 11:08

Friday, September 19, 2003
New miniatures in my own collection!!  
Yesterday I bought three new models from a Dutch guy I new through the Dutch Ferrari Club. I saw the 1/43 308 GT4 on his website for sale and I was already searching for that miniature a long time. So I mailed him and we set a meeting. When I visited him at home I noticed that he also had the miniature of the picture for sale: the Modulo.
The Modulo was a prototype Pininfarina built in March 1970 based on the 512 chassis.
I didn't even knew that the miniature existed! And I'm very pleased with it!
The third miniature is one of a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 (brown plastic). Not a very good miniature but nice for my collection ;)

webmaster | 20:04

Thursday, September 18, 2003
Update of the 308 GT4 section  
Update of the 308 GT4 section. Two links (not yet in the right place (design technical)) and a brief history of the model. I'm still searching for owners or pre-owners who want to share some nice stories with us about this car!

webmaster | 16:36

Pictures of holiday in Italy  
Okay, it's not Ferrari related (not totaly) but I still thought it was nice to put here...the holiday pictures of my girlfriend and me, in Italy! The trip was only 9 days but very nice! We visited Bologna, Parma, Ferara, Maranello (ofcourse), San Marino, Rimini, Modena, Florance etc. Only two days of the trip were with rain...the rest was perfect weather...
So check it out...and watch some nice pictures of Italy. The text besides the pictures is in Dutch (sorry about that, but my girlfriend has a Dutch website).

webmaster | 15:51

Extra domainname!!!  

webmaster | 10:38

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
My girl in front of The Factory  
Although it was rainy...still it was very nice to be there (luckaly it only rained on the first day...the secont time we went there it was fabulous weather!! Here you see my girlfriend standing in front of the Factory!

webmaster | 10:53

First pictures  
As promised here the first pictures of the F2003GA I saw testing at Fiorano, the test circuit of Ferrari. Ofcourse it was a fabulous sight, but the sound was even better! While testing they go really flatout, try to break the laprecord!

webmaster | 10:26

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Very nice dioramas  
While I was surfing to several nice Ferrari sites I came to this one FerrariModelsClub. An Italian site (partly in English) with some very nice miniatures. And some diaromas. Made by Model Fox Brianza of Giancarlo Fossati. They have made, for example, the Alfa Romeo - Scuderia Ferrari - garage, The Ferrari Factory of 1943 and the one you see on the picture, The 312 T3 of Carlos Reutemann in the pitbox! They are stunning if I may say so...what a details. Very nice!!

webmaster | 00:28

Monday, September 15, 2003
He's back!  
It looks like Michael Schumacher is back on track. With a superb win yesterday at the Italian GP at Monza he made his lead a (little) bit stronger. He now leads with 82 points over the chasing no. 2, Montoya who also became second yesterday and now has 79 points. Raikonnen, who became fourth after Rubino, has now 75 points and is also still in the race for WorldChampionShip.
All is still open for the next race, Indianapolis in America!

webmaster | 11:19

Sunday, September 14, 2003
Update no. 2!  
Again...an update from Italie!
A few days ago my girlfriend and I were in Maranello, as I already said in my last posting. But because it was very rainy we didn't see much. So, we decided to visit Maranello again. On a very sunny day we came to Maranello and drove straight to a little street were you can see a small part of the Fiorano track. And...yes...there was an engine started...wow...that sound, that's, that's, YES it was the F2003GA!! Testing on Fiorano. After we saw it for a few laps we drove to the other side of the track (in the direction of the city Fiorano, and than into a muddy road, next to an ceramic factory. There we could see the track even better and saw the F1 pass us several times. Until the gearbox broke...just in front of us...the car did manage to get to the pitbox but never left it again.
Half an hour later the same 360 Modena GT was driving again on the track! That car can also go very very fast indeed!
So that was very nice to see.

Ofcourse we also visited some of the shops in Maranello. At one, across the factory, I bought a very nice miniature of the Ferrari 408 (the 4x4 prototype)!! Very special!

Luckaly the weather has changed now and is very good...nice temperature and lot's of sunshine! This is a very nice holiday! I come back soon with some pictures, I promise. Now I will search for a nice cafe, were we can watch the Italian GP!! Bye for now!!

webmaster | 09:59

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
A quick update...  
Just a quick update from Bologna, Italie! Weather is not so good here...a bit rainy, but everything else is great. Seen some Ferrari's, but not so many as espected...that's ofcourse because of the weather! Seen some 360 Modenas testing on Fiorano, so that was nice. After the vacation I will post some pictures.

And for the rest...Ferrari will have 15 horsepower more in the F2003GA, so perhaps they will end up in front again...Let's hope so!

Now I go back to enjoy my holliday...ciao for now!

webmaster | 18:52

Thursday, September 04, 2003
ForzaRossa.nl on vacation  
ForzaRossa.nl doesn't post every day for the next few weeks. This is only temporarely!!! We will get back soon!! And ofcourse we are going to Italy!!! Bologna (with a visit to Maranello!!) and Florance! If possible we post from their...but it won't be every day.
Ciao and until soon!

webmaster | 19:20

Ferrari did file charge!  
The FIA first denied it, but now they admit that Ferrari was the one who, after the Hungarian GP, filed charge against Michelin. Ferrari got their hands on photographes in which you could see that the front Michelin tyre was 16 mm widther after the race. Ferrari is very frustrated by the aditude of Michelin. Technicol directeur Ross Brawn said: "We don't know how long the teams with Michelins drive with the illigal tyres. But we are very annoid by it. We are considering to appeal the points that those teams acquired. This story is to be continued...

webmaster | 19:14

Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Want something special?  
Are you searching for a nice 308GT4 in racetrim, or a F40 with just 1.600 kms runned? Or want something special like a 250 GT TDF (chassis no. 1335GT) for 575.000 English Pounds?? Or what about the car on the picture...the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione LM Daytona...well you have found them. They are all for sale (and many more...) at DK Engineering! Very nice indeed!

webmaster | 23:29

Ralf crashed and in hospital  
Ralf Schumacher has just been transfered to a hospital in Milano. After a serious crash, in the Lesmo corner, he was checked at the medical centre at Monza. His brother Micheal went with him to the San Rafaele Hospital.

Ralf has, against the advice of the medics, left the hospital. The doctors would rather have him in for an extra night for more tests. The advice they gave him was to optain rest for at least one week. It's not sure if he shall appear at the start of the GP of Monza this sunday.

webmaster | 12:55

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
Testing with three drivers at Monza  
With at nice temperature of 21 degrees Celcius (44F) three drivers of the Scuderia Ferrari tested at Monza. Michael Schumacher drove 30 laps, Luca Badoer 45 and Felipe Massa 64. Schumacher set the best time on the day, in 1.22.524. Massa's personal best was 1.22.744 and Badoer did a 1.23.153.

webmaster | 21:22

Didn't know that...  
Just read an interesting story on FerrariClub.com about the Ferrari's of Miami Vice. As you might know the first 'Ferrari' in the show was a Daytona, for Sonny Crockett. Ofcourse this was a look-alike replica. It was built using a 1980 Corvett chassis, with Ferrari-designed body panels and real Ferrari hardware inside.
But by the start of the thrid season there were some people at Ferrari that thought that the 'fake' Daytona took to much attention. So, Ferrari North America offered to provide two real Ferraris for Miami Vice, and they chose the Testarossa.
At first is was a black version, but were repainted white for better contrast in the night. There was also a stunt car, created by the Roberts Motor Co. by beefing up a 1972 DeTomaso Pantera chassis with Testarossa body parts.
Thanks to FerrariClub.com and Jason Hatakeyama

webmaster | 20:36

More people in a Ferrari?  
What if? What if you have a big family and love Ferrari. What if you want to marry and your parent want to drive in your car...your Ferrari. Then you have a problem. Ofcourse most Ferraris are two-seaters and the 2+2 Ferraris aren't exactly perfect for 4 adults. So, what to do? Buy another car?? No, way must they thought at 'Elegance'. Just make a stretched Ferrari. Enough room for 6, or even 8 people!

webmaster | 11:58

Monday, September 01, 2003
Nice movie selection  
The site GTR Central is dedicated to a Japanese car, the Nissan Skyline GTR. But there are also several nice Ferrari movies! Check it out, but ADSL is adviced!!

webmaster | 19:46



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