Friday, October 31, 2003
Nice nice site :)  

Saw this at by John Brook.

webmaster | 08:57

Thursday, October 30, 2003
Strange Ferraris  

Some people actually say that the Ferraris on this picture are ugly. I don't. I think they are strange, but ugly? They are not immediately the Ferrari that would be on my wish-list. But they are Ferraris and very special ones. And that alone makes them very special...and in a way, beautiful!

webmaster | 12:44

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
No comment  

webmaster | 12:05

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
360 went wrong here  
Saw this at the FerrariForum. They found it on another forum etc etc. So I really don't know who took the pic, but what a crash this is!

webmaster | 09:39

Monday, October 27, 2003
2003 SuperCar Rally  
This is the only way I want to see an Enzo...ahead of several other supercars!! :)

webmaster | 12:31

Sunday, October 26, 2003
Ferrari Toilette-seat?'s true. Even when you own a Ferrari you still have to go to the toilette :) And, ofcourse, even there you just want to think about one thing: Shi** eh....FERRARI!! So...why not sit on a Ferrari toilette seat? Saw this at a Dutch Modelshop for 179.95 euro.

webmaster | 12:19

Ferrari Club of Louisiana Track Day 2  

Tnx to a comment on the last post, from Brashland, I saw some more pics of the Louisiana Track Day. This time in a different envirement. But very nice!! Look at that 250 GTO Drogo "Breadvan", and the black F50...There were lot's of other pics (including an F1 from Michael Schumacher, more Enzo shots, etc) check it out on the site!

webmaster | 11:22

Saturday, October 25, 2003
Ferrari Club of Louisiana Track Day  

Don't know who made these pics, but I saw them on the s2k international forum. Beautiful pics of the Ferrari Club Of Louisiana Track Day. And beautiful it must have been. One of the beautiful cars on sight: was a 330 SP! But that was not all. I saw pictures of 2 Enzos (one in Yellow!!), a F40 LM and lot's of 360s, 355s etc.
Saw also very nice shots of a non-Ferrari, a Mercedes "GoldWing", a beauty!

Did you made these pics and want your name here? Please sent me an email (or place a comment)

webmaster | 11:35

Friday, October 24, 2003
Take your bike everywhere...  
Okay...what's this? Want to drive a Ferrari F40 (LM) and want to drive a bike...ok I can understand that...but, this??? This is just weird!!

webmaster | 16:06

Thursday, October 23, 2003
550 and 575 in race  

Saw this at and thought it was a pretty nice picture!

webmaster | 12:54

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Formula one news  
The season has ended, but the Formula one news not!
Debut race in China?
The debutrace in China, already on the calander for 2004, is now not save yet. As several other countries China wants to restrain the tabacco advertesments and the circuit has not yet a permit for it. Speaksmen of the circuit say that they are confinced the governement of China will allow the tabacco advertisments at the circuit, because a F1 race is good for the economy. But it's not sure yet!

Bridgetone will not quit
Bridgetone confirmes that they still want be into F1. They even say they will be more competitive next year, so they can compete with Michelin for the seventh WorldTitle! They are absolutely not thinking about quiting.
The boss of Bridgetone, Shigeo Watanabe, says that it's a nice way to show the world the new technologies. But the Japanese know that they have to improve the tyres a lot to stay ahead of Michelin.

Ralf thinks he can beat Ferrari in 2004
The season has only just ended, but now everybody is already looking at 2004. The BMW Williams driver Ralf Schumacher is confinced that his team will beat Ferrari next year.
"Often is said that you can only beat a team next year if you are as strong as they at the end of this years season. But I think we are already stronger then Ferrari."
If that's true? We will know next year :)


webmaster | 21:15

Monday, October 20, 2003
Ferrari at Mugello  
More than 50,000 fans came this sunday to the Mugello circuit in Italie for the last day of the Ferrari, Maserati World Finals. On this day the F1 team, and the drivers, drove the F2003GA around the circuit!
Ferrari celebrated that they again became WorldChampion. All drivers, Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Luca Badoer and Felipe Massa came in action in a special race together with several other drivers in the Trofeo Vodafone Maserati. The race, which started in the original Le Mans style, was symbolicly won by Luca Badoer and Alberto Cerrai.

webmaster | 12:51

Sunday, October 19, 2003
Schumacher vs. Fighter Jet  
The Italian Minister of Defence, Antonio Martino, has challenged Michael Schumacher, together with Ferrari, for a duel. He wants a kind of dragrace between a Ferrari F1 and a Fighter jet.
The race will be on a distance of 1,000 metres from a standing start. The F1 Ferrari will have a special gearbox which will allow him to drive up to 400 km/h.
The race will take place in december this year at an airstroke at Grosseto at Toscane.

webmaster | 17:59

Saturday, October 18, 2003
Beautiful picture  

It's not my favorite Ferrari, but this picture is so beautiful!!

webmaster | 21:50

Friday, October 17, 2003
Fantastic view...  

Again some nice pictures found on the FerrariChat. This time the pics are made by Andreas. (VDM.AT)
The shots are made at 18.-21 September at the FCD Drive in Austria.

webmaster | 12:02

Thursday, October 16, 2003
Just two more...  

Just two more shots...the engine and the beautiful dashboard. I just can't get enough of this new 612 Scaglietti! Like the name too!! I really think they did a great job...again!! FORZA FERRARI!!!!!

webmaster | 17:33

The new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti  

The 612 Scaglietti is the perfect marriage of sporty thoroughbred Ferrari berlinetta performance and excellent onboard comfort for four occupants. The replacement for the highly successful 456M, the new model’s own winning combination derives from a roomy interior enhanced by significantly larger dimensions, a 60 kg reduction in weight, and a range of uncompromising design solutions.

quote from the Owners' website, also tnx to FerrariChat!

webmaster | 12:40

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Enzo Spider???  
Like it????? (more pictures on FerrariChat)! thanx to Robin Overcash

webmaster | 14:06

Ferrari top will stay!  
The key figures of the Ferrari F1 team, Brawn, Byrne, Todt and Martinelli, have no intention to leave the team. Even when their contract ends, in 2006, they want to stay.
"As long their is passion, we will stay. One day we will stop, but that won't be soon", says Brawn. "It will hurt very much when we stop. And...we really like to win, so why stop?"
And Ferrari does win! The constructor won five Worldtitles in a row!! (13 in total!)

webmaster | 09:20

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

And a party is was. see it right: it's Michael Schumacher in a Toyota shirt. After the race Michael Schumacher and his brother (and other members of several teams) celebrated the sixt World Champion Title of Michael! But they had a little bit too much to drink :)
Ralf Schumacher didn't like all those replays of the accident he had with his brother...and he threw out the television. After that...Michael didn't liked it that there wasn't any drink anymore in the refridgerator, so he turned it up-side-down. Michael hijacked a forklift TRUCK and started racing with it...
So it was a wild party...but hey...wouldn't you do it, after YOU won the 6th World Title??? I bet you do!!!

webmaster | 10:28

Sunday, October 12, 2003
Seven (7!) 288 GTOs for sale!  
Yes...indeed. Autosalon Singen, in Germany, has seven 288 GTOs for sale. Prices go from 257.000 to 295.000 euro. But the Autosalon has much more Ferraris and other cars to offer! Just take a look and be amazed! (also in the linksection!)

webmaster | 20:52

One happy team!  

webmaster | 18:53

6th WorldTitle for Michael Schumacher  
Michael Schumacher wrote history today. He is the first F1 driver that has six (!!!) WorldChampion titles! After a very exciting race at Suzuka, Japan, he earned the final point (he became eight) that he needed (when Raikonnen should win the race and Schumacher had nothing, Raikonnen would have been the champion).

The fantasic race was won by teammate Rubens Barrichello, his seventh win in total. For Michael was it his, second, worse place this season, but that didn't matter anymore: he is WORLD CHAMPION!
And...good for Ferrari, they are also Champion for the Constructors!!!

webmaster | 09:20


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Saturday, October 11, 2003
Barrichello fastest!!  
...and then there was rain! Just at the end of the saturday qualifying. Especially the last eight drivers had it hard on the wet track. Therefor Kimi Raikonnen stands now on the eight place, but worse, Michael Schumacher didn't came any further than the fourtheenth time. And that's a very bad scenario for tomorrow!
But that the Ferraris are stong, was proved by Barrichello. He took poleposition!
Worse losers: the fastest of yesterday; Ralf Schumacher and Jarno Trulli. They didn't set any time and have to start tomorrow from the last row! The Dutch driver Jos Verstappen, in the Minardi, did also a great job. He was two seconds faster than this teammate and only 0,066 seconds slower than the Jordan of Fisichella!

webmaster | 19:25

Friday, October 10, 2003
This looks like fun!!  

webmaster | 10:07

Ferrari strong...Trulli leads  
After the Friday free practice was the Renault of Trulli on pole. Later he was also the quickest in the first qualifying. Ralf Schumacher was in his Williams just behind him. Michael Schumacher did well...he took the third place.
Both the McLarens are behind him...Coulthard as fourth and Raikonnen as fifth. The second Renault, Alonso, came as sixth and Barrichello as seventh. Now let's see what the saturday qualifying will do for 'our' red team!

webmaster | 08:45

Thursday, October 09, 2003
Under the picture stands this:
1989-Ferrari 348 Ts, Red / burned, SOLD.
...sold?? SOLD??? Why would anybody buy this?? A totaly burned 348...
Well...this and more damaged, burned and crashed Ferraris and other Italian cars, for sale at this site:

webmaster | 23:24

F2003GA for Sauber in 2004?  
The story goes that the Swiss F1 team Sauber will start next year in the F2003GA, the car in which Schumacher and Barrichello are driving this year for Ferrari. Rumours are going in the paddock that Ferrari has sold the chassis of this car to Sauber. Sauber already had a deal about the Ferrari engine of this year. And now there is a possibility that they bought the whole package!
Next year Giancarlo Fisichella and probably Felipe Massa drive for Sauber. Massa was this year the testdriver of Ferrari and has an ambition to drive for the team of Ferrari once!!

webmaster | 23:08

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
Reopened Official Ferrari Store  
Just reopened the Ferrari Shop, under the new name "Ferrari Store" and at the new address, with all the services and format completely revised.

webmaster | 23:10

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Suits for Charity  
Several F1 drivers donated their suits, handgloves and helmetvisers for a charity fair.
What to think about this one: Michael Schumacher worn Overall. As worn by Michael during the 2003 grand prix season. This is a rare chance to own a very special item. Genuine article donated by the Ferrari Team.

This is a charity auction raising funds for research into a very rare metabolic disorder (CDG), it takes the lives of many children and leaves the living disabled. All money raised from this Auction will be going to the Child Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street.

Prices go from 127 English pounds (for the boots of Villeneuve) to 11,100 pounds for the suit of Michael Schumacher!

webmaster | 10:10

Monday, October 06, 2003
Victory at debut!  
The new Ferrari 575 GTC has not wasted any time, winning first time out in the FIA GT series. The car is based on the road-going 575M Maranello, developed by the Ferrari Corse Clienti department in collaboration with N-Technology and has won the penultimate round on the 2003 calendar at Estoril in Portugal. The JMB Racing-Pirelli crew of Fabio Babini and Philipp Peter crossed the line ahead of the BMS-Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello of Cappellari/Gollin and the similar car of Biagi/Bobbi.

webmaster | 13:15

Friday, October 03, 2003
Ferrari Hydroplane Miniature  
A stunning model of the famous Ferrari Hydroplane. Converted from a (the) static kit, built by Eddy Mathews of Darlington Club.

And here the static one, standing on a real one! The model is made by Pocher and in 1/8 scale - 32" long.

note: edited the links...they work now!

webmaster | 20:22

Thursday, October 02, 2003
This really hurts...  
Saw this at the FerrariChat, they also found it somewhere...but this is the story:

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer narrowly escaped serious injury when his Ferrari convertible caught fire at a gas station not too far from his Boston-area home. Kramer sustained the most serious burns to his arm and hand as he shielded his face from the flames after a leak in the gas tank hose caused the fuel to ignite. He is being given 2 weeks to recover (the Ferrari won't) and the band will be back on the road mid-August. Their timely tour break was already scheduled after an accident on stage injuring frontman Steven Tyler.

webmaster | 13:21

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Ow My Lord...  
AAAAAAHHHHHH......okay, this was my first reaction when I saw this "Testarossa", tuned by Koenig, at the site from Dennigcars. They call it an original Koenig Competition TR. With a top speed more than 350 km/h, Electric Recaro seats, Heated seats, Air conditioning, Roll cage, CD-Changer, Race suspension, Race brakes, Sports exhaust, etc.

I just call it an ugly Testarossa. I don't even want to call it a Ferrari anymore...ow what did they do to her. It's a shame!! A real shame! The car, from 1988, has driven 38.000 km and is now for sale, for 144.500 USD, somewhere in Germany...but why would you want it, if you can buy a proper, nice, good looking Testarossa for less than one third of that price...

webmaster | 23:32

Very nice laptop!  
Computer producer Acer Inc. is an official supplier to Scuderia Ferrari. They will release a new laptop in mid october, it will be bright red and have the yellow S.F. emblem incl. the prancing horse...just look at the picture! The Acer has a AMDs Mobile-Athlon-XP-2500+-Prozessor, 512 MByte GDR RAM, hide themselves a 60-GByte-Festplatte, a Radeon-9200-Grafik with 128 MByte memory as well as a DVD burner, which support plus and minus formats. Price...aproximately 2,500 USdollar.

webmaster | 14:55



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