Saturday, November 29, 2003
Renault very strong in raintest  
Will Renault be the real 'enemy' next year. All eyes are on Williams and McLaren, but don't forget Renault. The team was very strong last year...and now, in the first all wet test it was the Renault from F. Montagny that was the quickest in Valencia. He beated R.Briscoe with his Toyota, M.Gené in the Williams and A.Wurz with the McLaren.

webmaster | 20:16

Friday, November 28, 2003
Tour de Espana 2003  

Very nice pictures from the Tour de Espana 2003...but AAUUWWW...this must hurt :(
A Ferrari 365 GTB-4 Competizione (s/n 14407)
(crashed picture from, the other picture from Milano.

webmaster | 14:21

What a nice envirement :)  
Isn't this just THE place that you would love to go to every day...for work. Just fantastic. Saw it on the site of DK Engineering! Envy!!! :)

webmaster | 12:15

Want a little boost??  
Think your Ferrari (308, 328, 348 or Testarossa) isn't fast enough? Just go to Norwoodperformance...and add a Turbo to your Ferrari engine! Let's hear what they have to say:
We have done more than two dozen 308 2V and 308 QV turbo systems. We can do anything from a low boost system that will add approximately 50 hp up to systems making in excess of 600 hp. We are currently developing a system for sale as a kit in several different configurations.
Mighty interesting :)

webmaster | 11:51

Thursday, November 27, 2003
Crash Burti in Barcelona  
Luciano Burti has crashed hard in Barcelona in the last turn. He destroyed the front as well as the back of this F2003GA.

Burti drove this morning 15 laps on normal as well as intermediate tyres, because the track was still a bit damp.

webmaster | 13:02

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Ferrari fastest in first test  
Luciano Burti and Felipe Massa were testing for Ferrari for the first time for the season 2004. At the track in Barcelona the came together with Sauber and BAR in action. The were by far the fastest. But Ferrari had also some problems...Burti had technical problems after only 36 laps and had to call it a day. Massa, who will be driving for Sauber next season, tested this time the Ferrari. Sauber only brought Fisichella in action. The Italian drove 98 laps with his car and took the third time.

webmaster | 09:17

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Transform your 308 GTS to a 288 GTO...  

This is what the owner says:
This is my Ferrari 308 GTS conversion to 288 GTO lookalike project, not a replica. A step by step picture guide of trial and error, converting a 308 to GTO look in sheet metal. Don't try this at home, wait till I'm ready, then I'll write a how to/making of story and you can decide if it is worth it.
Very nice pictures of an incredible job...and a brave put a knife in your

webmaster | 12:49

Black F40  
Some like it blond...some like it red and some like it: black. What do I think? I prefer red!! (I do like the yellow GT4 next to the F40!) Tnx to F Enzo from (on that site you can get the pics hig.res!)

webmaster | 12:34

Monday, November 24, 2003
A huge Enzo (R/C)!  

For those who can't afford a real Enzo there are always the miniatures...but ofcourse, they are sooooo small. But then this...this isn't small, this is huge!! A 1/6 scale Enzo Ferrari, radiocontrolled. 75 cm (31 inch) long...Isn't that fantastic?? And...for sale on the German E-bay! So check it out!!! (but don't bid on it, because I want it :)

webmaster | 20:03

Lovely view in mirror...  
Isn't this a nice view...would love to see that in my mirror (and I mean ofcourse that air-inlet :D). Picture from sparetireless...FerrariChat again :)

webmaster | 10:35

Saturday, November 22, 2003
No more Frensh GP :(  
No more Frensh GP. Because of payment problems Bernie Ecclestone as deleted the Frensh GP at Magny Cours from the 2004 calander. The race was held their since 1991.

webmaster | 12:16

Ferrari at The Gallery in Brummen (NL)  
A beautiful Ferrari 250 GT Boano Coupé (s/n 0653 GT), picture taken by Edwin van Nes at the Ferrari Show at The Gallery in Brummen. And not only this Ferrari can be seen their; what to think of the 365 GT/4 Daytona Prototype (the one with a 275 nose and the Daytona rear!), a 250 GT Europe, a 250 GT Pinin Farina Coupé and many more.
Members of the Dutch Ferrari Club (FCN) have free entrance.

webmaster | 11:47

Friday, November 21, 2003
A beautiful pic, but...  

Beautiful picture of a terrible fire at Le Mans 2003, the XL Ferrari catches fire in the pits. Picture was taken (and copyright) by Stephens/Brooks. Saw it at

webmaster | 16:25

Maserati GT - FIA GT  

Okay, it's not a Ferrari...but it's soooo goodlooking!! The new 2004 Maserati GT FIA-GT. Based on the Ferrari Enzo...will Maserati be a competitor to their mother Ferrari?? We will see next year!

webmaster | 11:58

Thursday, November 20, 2003
308GT4 Competition For Sale  
Saw this...and, well...look and read for yourselves...
Quote from the site:
You are seeing a ground-off creation of a Competition race car based on the 308GT4 Dino. This car has been designed with a new body and revamped engine. The car features hydraulic lifts, removable steering wheel and a spare set of extended competition Dino rims.
This car has been built by Miles McAndrew Senior in PA in the late 80s and has been tracked at FCA events in the NE in the early 90s. The car has been sitting now for 10 years and the engine turns but has no compression.

Asking $ 29,000 As-Is with all spares.

webmaster | 12:52

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Did I wanted to see this?  
Another amazing picture...another 'strange' Ferrari: the 348 Barchetta, s/n 84778, 1996. Did I really wanted to know this????

webmaster | 15:22

Like to take pictures??  
Ofcourse you from the most beautiful cars in the world: Ferraris. And now you can take those pictures with an original Ferrari Digital Camera!
From the site Ferrari Store:
The Ferrari DIGITAL MODEL 2003 is designed to reflect the beauty and quality that are hallmarks of Ferrari craftsmanship and is the first digital camera in the world to be officially sanctioned by Ferrari SpA. The body of the camera is finished in distinctive Ferrari Red and the lens barrier is adorned with the world famous "Cavallino Rampante - Prancing Horse" logo. When the camera is switched on, the built-in colour LCD monitor displays the Ferrari name and logo, as well as an image of a Ferrari F1 racing machine. To reflect the fact that this is a limited-edition model with a production run of only 10,000 units, the body of each camera has been stamped with a special serial number. Special packaging includes dedicated accessories with Ferrari design. It features a compact high-resolution lens, 4 megapixel CCD (3x zoom, 35 - 105 mm) and movie recording function. White balance: Full auto TTL. Memory: Xd picture card 16 MB.

webmaster | 12:52

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
What's the color of  
Remember the song from the eighties? What's the color of money...well now you know; here you see a white F50...and that must have cost a lot of money :)

webmaster | 12:18

Monday, November 17, 2003
F 400000000000000? just wonder what to do when you see Laugh or cry. I went for the first *LOL*. What do people think when they create things like this :S.

webmaster | 13:52

Sunday, November 16, 2003
New Ferrari Prototype: the Aurea  

This is the Ferrari Aurea Prototype. An unofficial prototype in colaboration between Ferrari and the University of Florance.

webmaster | 18:00

Where there's a will there's a way!  
Saw this at (tnx ajengli)
An English GT4 owner wants to drive his car together with his young child...and yes, even in a Ferrari you must have a babyseat!

webmaster | 17:41

Saturday, November 15, 2003
400 Cabrio  

This is nice, special...and for sale. A Ferrari 400 Cabrio! Color green with black interior. For more have to call...don't even know what they ask for it.

webmaster | 17:22

Ferrari Fest. in Canada  

Again...from the FerrariChat Forum...lot's of enthousiasts there :) Saw this post about a Ferrari Festival last June at ''Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant'' in Quebec, Canada. Just look at those wonderful pics (made by John T). Wonderful!! And look also at those a 250 GTO, 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione, 500 TestaRossa (I think) etc.
And also this car...Lawrence Strohl's 512 BB LM! Absolutely Fabulous!!!

webmaster | 13:56

Friday, November 14, 2003
208 GT4 Cabrio  

The things you learn by visiting a Forum...great! Never knew about this car: a 208 GT4 Cabrio by Bertone. It's an original and a one-of! S/n 13956 and now for Joe Macari for 'only' 17,950 English pounds. The car has driven 99.500 km / 61.826 m.

webmaster | 10:50

Thursday, November 13, 2003
Ferrari Challenge Rally in a Rental Car  
Very nice story and great pictures on the Official American Ferrari Site!

webmaster | 16:37

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Ferrari Microcars...!!  

They are the newest hit...and now you can even buy Ferrari microcars! They even have the Enzo! The Enzo costs 47,90 euro and the box (3 Ferrari bodies) costs 54,50 euro.

webmaster | 16:03

New 1-18 miniatures by HotWheels  
Just added two new miniatures in the 1-18 scale section on this site. The 166 Barchetta and the 360 Modena CS (Stradale) both by Hotwheels!

webmaster | 13:17

Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Ferrari vs. Fighter jet  

I did mentioned it a few weeks ago...but here is the official statement from the Ferrari site:

Maranello, 6 November - Roma, 8 December 1931: Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 2300 met a Caproni 100 biplane in a showdown at the Littorio track. Fifty years later, on 22 November 1981, history repeats itself as Gilles Villeneuve and his Ferrari 126 Ck takes on an F104.

Illustrious names from the past only add to the fascination of the auto-aero battle which will take place once again this year when the best in each category will exploit the most advanced technology. On 11th December, at Baccarini Airport of Grosseto, the jet plane and the Ferrari will line up, guided by two extraordinary figures: Michael Schumacher will be in the seat of the F2003-GA, the single-seater in which he claimed his sixth world crown, and Maurizio Cheli, the astronaut from Modena, in the cockpit

webmaster | 20:30

Enzos for sale!  
When you just search a bit on the net you already find lot's of Enzos for sale...Why is that? Only 399 of these supercars were built. When you wanted to buy one, the Factory first wanted to check you out...that you didn't want to buy it only as an investement.
And now...only a few months after you got your are already selling it???
I really don't get it...
But...there least what I found, 3 Enzos for sale in UK (VerdiFerrari) and atleast 15 in Germany (8 by Autosalon Singen and 7 by Mobile)

webmaster | 13:08

Monday, November 10, 2003
Ferrari Police Cars (?)  

Saw this at FerrariChat (again :) Tnx to johnhoughtaling from New Orleans. These are the cars from the New Orleans Police Departement (...) try to outrun the police now... *LOL*.

webmaster | 20:23

Sunday, November 09, 2003
Schumacher ice-karting for charity  
Last friday Michael Schumacher was karting for the charity. The race was organised by Unesco, the organisation of the United Nations from which Micheal is an ambassador.

webmaster | 17:02

Saturday, November 08, 2003
John Iley from Renault to Ferrari  
Aerodynamicaspecialist John Iley has left the F1 team of Renault for a new job with Ferrari. He was the man behind the R23, the Renault from 2003. That car was highly respected for it's aerodinamica. Now he will have the same function with Ferrari and has to report to Ross Brawn.

webmaster | 19:15

Thursday, November 06, 2003
Ferrari Art  
Car this one (the Enzo). Also very nice (and famous) prints and car jewelry. Nice site!

webmaster | 11:18

Pocher F40 LM  
What have two Pocher F40s (scale 1/8).'s hard to believe, because the F40 is very hard to find...but just imagine. Then you can, ofcourse, sell the second one, or built it and look to two F40s. But you can also buy this: the conversion transkit for the Pocher 1/8 F40 including full body and engine modifications.
Then you can make a real F40 LM...scale 1/8!
On the website they say this:
This Le Mans version transkit includes all of the accurate race parts, interior, body, and engine modifications of the actual car. Not for the novice modeller - requires modification of the metal body (cut hole in hood for radiator outlet, NACA duct, etc.), engine, and repainting. Many reference photos are included on CD, but the instruction manual is primitive and not on par with the Autograph transkit. Nuts, bolts, and screws which may be desired for final detailing are not included, but the hardware superdetail setwill provide enough for this model and many others. Does not include the Pocher Ferrari F40 donor kit, which you will need to build a complete model. $895. incl US s/h in stock

webmaster | 11:01

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Ferrari wins GT GrandAm Championship  
Daytona Beach, FL (USA) - It was a clean sweep for the Scuderia Ferrari of Washington with the 360 Modena at the Champions Weekend, the GrandAm season finale. The team won the GT Team Championship, drivers Cort Wagner and Brent Martini tied for the GT Drivers Championship, and by winning the GT race the team gave Ferrari its first GT Manufacturers Championship ever in North America.

webmaster | 15:20

Monday, November 03, 2003
Pics of unveiling 612 Scaglietti  

Took these pics from a post at FerrariChat. They were made by teak360 who was at the official unveiling of the new 612 in Maranello. Although he finds the new four doors Maserati a nicer car...I would still go for this 612 Scaglietti...a real beauty :)

webmaster | 20:11

Drogo Ferraris  

Found this site with lot's of info about the Ferraris designed by Piero Drogo. Never new there were so many! Ofcourse I knew the Breadvan and the 250 GTO Drogo...but this 330 GT Navarro was completely new for me...
And although I find them quite interesting...I don't think the look as nice as the original Ferraris!

webmaster | 12:40

New pics of the 612 Scaglietti  

Saw them at the FerrariChat forum...more pictures of the new 612 Scaglietti...isn't it a lovely car?

webmaster | 08:54

Sunday, November 02, 2003
This one IS ugly...  
A few days ago I made a post about strange Ferraris. Some people thought they were ugly...I just said they were strange. But this time...this time even I find the Ferrari on the picture ugly. But then again, it's not a Factory built's a changed one. And changed for the worse! In the add (yes, it's for sale) they say it's a 1988 Testarossa Koenig with Koenig ground effects and wing; Ansa Performance exhaust; 18' Speedline rims; $4k Sound system; Serviced 8/02;Momo wood steering wheel, etc.
For sale for $65,900 - US Dollars...well if you consider buying it...please, think again...and again and again :)

webmaster | 21:24

Saturday, November 01, 2003
10 Years Ferrari in China  
Last Sunday the inhabitants of Beijing were treated to an unusual but spectacular sight: a rolling procession of 34 Ferrari and Maserati vehicles through the city. Their Chinese owners had gathered at the local showroom on occasion of the tenth anniversary of Ferrari’s presence China.
At the moment the actual number of Ferraris circulating in China is around 85.

webmaster | 11:51



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