Monday, December 29, 2003
Temporarely no updates  
Dear Ferrari Friends,

Because of personal troubles I can't update temporarely. Although everything this is a very welcome distraction of everything that happens with my life at the moment I really can't.
I hope you won't forget about this site and will keep on checking it.

Waldo Aikema

webmaster | 10:36

Saturday, December 27, 2003
Santa Clause...?  

A bit late ofcourse, the day after Christmas, but I still wanted you to show this picture. Can you recognize them?? :)

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Schumacher denies rumours  
Recently the highest salaries of famous sportsmen were published in several newspapers. Michael Schumacher came on the second place, just behind Golfplayer Tiger Woods. According to the newspapers Schumacher gets 50 milion dollar each year.
But the German went public and said that you shouldn't believe everything that's published in a newspaper. "If the journalists were doing there jobs a little bit better they would know that I don't earn that kind of money. Not in a long way!"
Michael Schumacher will still be the best earning Formula one driver next year, as he was for the last few years!

webmaster | 13:30

Thursday, December 25, 2003
Nice book  
Just a couple of days ago I bought this Ferrari book. It in Dutch and is very nice. Lot's of pictures, old advertisments etc. Nice add to my Ferrari book collection! For those who are interested...just click on the image and go to the website. The book has 276 pages and costs (only) 14,95 euro.

webmaster | 15:53

Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Crashed F50-GT  
What're the lucky owner of one (of only three excisting) F50 GTs. Ofcourse you want to drive it around the track. That's just logic. But howfar would you go? Would you try to get everything out of the car? The owner of s/n 001 did. He went out on 'cold' tyres and pushed the car a little to hard. He spon out of a corner and...crashed. His reaction? 'race cars were meant to be crashed' ...
(btw. This all happend 3rd of August it's a bit old news...but still, couldn't find much pics off it :) so just wanted to show it here!

webmaster | 09:48

Tuesday, December 23, 2003
DinoGT4 Register  
For a couple of Dutch DinoGT4 enthousiasts I designed and developed a website, and today it went live. So everybody who likes the 208 or 308GT4...visit the DinoGT4 Register! (btw. the actual register (database) isn't readdy will be as soon as possible online!)

webmaster | 14:33

The Rosso  
Ofcourse it's already an older prototype...(2000), but the Pininfarina Rosso is still beautyful. And rare. I've never seen one before...but jhjvdm did and was so kind to post some pictures he took on the FerrariChat...

webmaster | 10:24

Monday, December 22, 2003
Fisichella might test a Ferrari  
Jean Todt declared last weekend that Giancarlo Fisichella might test a Ferrari next year during private testing. It would be real joy for the Italian, who has always wanted to drive for the Scuderia.

webmaster | 09:25

Sunday, December 21, 2003
To everybody:  

webmaster | 15:29

It's all about color  
That gray Right Hand Drive F40 with the red pinstripe is now in the UK. Don't really like the color though...

picture taken by k5mcl.

webmaster | 12:30

Friday, December 19, 2003
This is all I can say...what a fantastic shot! I think it's just one in a livetime :)
Picture taken from FerrariChat, and made by tifosi12.

webmaster | 09:33

Thursday, December 18, 2003
Colors Colors Colors  

I already made posts about Black Ferraris and White Ferraris. Well here's another one. Yellow Ferraris. Just click the link and be amazed about the many yellow Ferraris! Ow, and yes, the bottom car (above) is a Ferrari: the 456 Station...made for the Sultan of Brunei!! Very, very rare!

webmaster | 09:23

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Racing with a Mondial Cabrio  

Who says you can't race in a Mondial Cabrio?? Yes you can!! Just look at these pics from Trevi. He was having lots of fun at the Monza Track in his Mondial!! :)

webmaster | 20:44

Dirty 612 Scaglietti...together with others  

Saw this thread, made by John T at, ofcourse, the FerrariChat. A very dirty 612 Scaglietti standing inbetween Enzos and a 360 Stradale. Look how big that 612 S is...But it looks great...IMHO :)

webmaster | 09:13

Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Very famous already but still nice to pay some extra attention too...isn't this wonderful done? A working, WOODEN, F50 (boat... :) I think it's fantastic!

webmaster | 13:27

Black Beauties!  

Yesterday I made a post about white Ferraris. There was a whole thread at the FerrariChat about those white beauties...but...there's also a thread about there opposite: Black Ferraris...Black Beauties!

webmaster | 12:06

Original Ferrari adds  
Another fantastic thread at the FerrariChat...all kind of original Ferrari adds. Fantastic to see...the beautiful (70s) ladies on the hood of a Daytona or a 400 Superfast III on a buildingsite...

webmaster | 09:19

Monday, December 15, 2003
Before...after (the crash)  
Auch...this must hurt...much. First you take all kind of lovely pictures of your car...okay it's no Ferrari...but it's not bad eighter. Then you get out for a drive, get to a corner...and...CRASH!!!

webmaster | 16:36

White Ferraris  

I already started yesterday with the white 360 Stradale...But there are many many more!! Want to see them??? Click the link to go to (yes yes again) the FerrariChat and the thread about 'White Ferraris'.

webmaster | 09:25

Sunday, December 14, 2003
White Stradale  
Got an said: 'you like strange colorcombinations on Ferraris don't you? Then just check the FerrariChat'. Well I did...and I liked it :) A white 360 Stradale. Spotted in Germany. Tnx to Dino208GT4 and EuropeanFerrariRental.

webmaster | 11:21

Friday, December 12, 2003
No comment :)  

webmaster | 11:52

Love those Brunei treads... :)  
Whenever I see a tread at a forum about the Sultan of Brunei I always look...and search. Search for new pics of his large and rare Ferrari collection. At FerrariChat I saw this picture, posted by Joop van der Meer, a blue (I repeat BLUE) Mythos!!! Isn't that amazing? I just remember seeing the Mythos a carshow in The Netherlands...I found it stunning...sent a letter to Pininfarina and said that I loved the car so much...
Just a few weeks later I got a designfolder about it...with several extra pictures! Just love Pininfarina :D
Never new though that there was also a blue one....

webmaster | 09:48

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Eurofighter beats Schumacher  
The Ferrari F2003-GA, with Michael Schumacher as driver, couldn't beat the Eurofigher jet. The plane, that could reach a highspeed of twice the speed of sound (in the air) was over the first 600 metres the slowest, but after 900 and 1200 metres could the pilot Maurizio Cheli overtake the Ferrari and was the first to cross the finishline at the Italian airport Grosetto.

[edited 12-12] here is a link to the video...think you would like it :) [/edited]

webmaster | 12:49

White F40  

Just another color of a F40...think it's very nice! (but still prefer red for the F40 :)

webmaster | 09:39

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Ow...that color :(  
Then you own one of the most beautiful cars ever made...a Ferrari 456, but why, I ask WHY, do you want it in this color???? Forrest Green???? Horrible!

webmaster | 09:43

Tuesday, December 09, 2003
Red Enzo...with yellow roof!  
The Fox Classic Car Collection has a special's painted in Linfox colours. It is known to be the only Enzo produced with its unusual colour scheme of a yellow roof.
You have got to like it...or not. And to be honest...I don't!

webmaster | 13:15

4 Supercars in 1  
Fantatic...all 4 supercars in just one picture! Do you want a larger one? Just follow the link :)

webmaster | 09:51

Monday, December 08, 2003
The 360 GTC  

From now, until 14th December you can see all racecars at the Bologna Motor Show. On show will be the Ferrari 575 GTC which made its debut this year, winning first time out, as well as a world debut for the 360 GTC. The car will compete in the N-GT class. The performance of the 90 degree V8 3586.2cc engine has been improved in terms of consumption and power, putting out 445 horsepower at 8750 rpm.

webmaster | 21:20

612 Scaglietti in New York  
These are taken at the unveiling of the car in Barcelona, at December 2nd. What to see the larger pics...just go to the site of Fede Garcí on the 'FOTO ALBUM'!

webmaster | 16:39

What do you see in America?  
Well? What?...Just a meeting from several fast and exotic car owners...ofcourse a lot of Ferraris...two F40s, 575 Maranello, etc etc...and...a 196 SP!!! Isn't that gorgeous. Just drive with it!!! YES!
Got the pictures from FerrariChat (again :)...there you can see larger ones and much more pics!!

webmaster | 09:15

Sunday, December 07, 2003
The Gallery...Brummen (NL)  

Been to the Ferrari Exposition in Brummen (NL) today. Seen some nice cars and meet some nice people. Nice weather...nice cars, what more do you want?

webmaster | 01:29

John Bosch in 575 GTC  

The 39 year old Dutchmen John Bosch has been infected by the Ferrari virus for a long time. He not only owns several Formula one Ferraris, including the 2000 version of Michael Schumacher, he also drives them on the circuit.
He was also, last year, the European champion in the 360 Challenge.
And, together with another Dutch legend, Jan Lammers, he entered the 'Le Mans' serie with a Dome Judd (for Racing For Holland).
But John always wanted to race for Ferrari. And now he does! With his team, Barron Conner Racing, he will enter the 'Le Mans'-serie with two 575 GTCs. He will drive together with the American, and ex Indy 500 champion and Formula one winner, Danny Sullivan. For the second car he still searches for drivers.

The 'shakedown' of the cars will be on 19 and 22 Decembre at Fiorano. The debut of the team will be during the 12 Hours of Sebring on the 20th of March.
Other races they will compete in are the 1000 km of Monza (May 9), Nürenburgring (June 11), Silverstone (15 August), Spa (12 Septembre). And ofcourse...the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

webmaster | 01:20

Friday, December 05, 2003
Crashed F40  
This what happens when a kid in a SUV runs a red light and hits an F40.

webmaster | 09:28

Testing continious...  
Again two days of testing at Jerez in Spain for the Ferrari team. At December 3rd the Ferraris were not as quick as last week. All three testdrivers came in action...L. Badoer was the fastest Ferrari (1.18.830) which was good for the 5th place. He drove 75 laps. F. Massa (1.19.074) was 6th and drove 63 laps. L. Burti drove 42 laps and became 8th (1.19.554). Ralf Schumacher was the fastest...1.17.705.

Yesterday (the 4th) all cards were different. In the rain the Ferraris were the fastest. The first four:
1. L. Badoer Ferrari 1.25.439 (12 laps) -- 2. F. Massa Ferrari 1.26.059 (56 laps) -- 3. N. Heidfeld Jordan 1.26.545 (50 laps) -- 4. L. Burti Ferrari 1.26.666 (11 laps).

webmaster | 09:05

Thursday, December 04, 2003
Elvis' Ferrari  
On the site they claim that this is Elvis his Ferrari...I don't know...but it's a nice picture, isn't it? I'm not even sure what it is...I think a 308 GT4...but I'm not sure...Anyone seen this car in person?

webmaster | 12:50

Wednesday, December 03, 2003
More about the Aurea  
A short time ago I made a post (bottom of the page) about the new prototype: the Aurea. Do you want to know more about this car...visit the website from DGF Design.
What was the Aurea? A short update:
The project Aurea was born from the tried out experience of engineers and the creativity of fourth last-year undergraduate of the University of Florence.

webmaster | 14:17

New 4 doors Ferrari?  
Is this a new prototype for a 4 doors Ferrari? Or is it just a fake? I really don't know...just found the pictures on the web. Anyone more information about it? Seems like they are scanned out some kind of magazine...Please add a comment if you know more about this car! :)

webmaster | 09:43

Modified 360  

Never seen it before...saw this at FerrariForum posted by zwoemba. A modified 360 Modena. The car has been modified by Imola Racing in Germany and has now 475 hp (349 kw).
  • 0-100 km/h 4,3 (4,6)
  • 0-160 km/h 9,1 (10,2)
  • 0-200 km/h 14,3 (16,2)

    webmaster | 09:16

    Tuesday, December 02, 2003
    More Yellow  

    And more yellow Ferraris...these are taken by white2abbit at a Ferrari Dealership in Ontario, Canada.

    webmaster | 11:32

    Monday, December 01, 2003
    Who says Ferraris are red?  

    What about these ones...aren't they beautiful? A yellow F50, Enzo and 288 GTO! Very nice indeed! Photos from and taken at Ferrari Day Monza, April 6th 2003.

    webmaster | 11:04



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