Friday, February 27, 2004
Shakedown for 1st race of 2004!  
On a cloudy day, with some rain and snow the shakedown of the three F2004 which Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will use in the opening round of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, on Sunday 7th March in Melbourne, took place yesterdau afternoon at Fiorano.
Luca Badoer did stints in all three cars, completing a total of 25 laps (16 on the short version of the track,) with a quickest time of 1.03.887.
In the morning, Badoer did some practice starts at the wheel of an F2003-GA.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004
Schumacher yesterday fastest at Imola  
Yesterday was the third day of testing this week for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro at the "Enzo e Dino Ferrari" circuit at Imola. Once again today, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello took to the track.

The world champion continued with development work on the F2004, covering a total of 98 laps, the quickest in a time of 1.19.664. This was also the fastest time of the day. Barrichello undertook a series of tyre tests at the wheel of an F2003-GA: he did 52 laps, with a best time of 1.21.235. (that was the third time of the day.)
David Coulthard, in his McLaren, took 2nd place, with 1.20.950 in 69 laps. Again both Toyotas came 5th and 6th, Da Matta 1.22.157 (71 laps) and Panis 1.24.341 (54 laps).


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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
360 with personalised engine...colors...  

So you finaly bought your Ferrari. A 360 Modena. And you are very happy with your black beauty. don't like the redheads in the engine. You like yellow more. So...just paint them yellow. It's your car, no?
IMHO it's not an improvement...but everybody may have his own opinion about that! :)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Ferrari with mid-wing  
The Ferrari F2004 had yesterday and today at Imola a new wing. Not the expected frontwing, but a little wing at the engine cover, a so called mid-wing. This system was used in 1995 by McLaren. Later Jordan and Toyota also used it.
Barrichello drove already yesterday with the wing, and today Schumacher also drove with it. Today Ferrari was for the first time competing with other teams at the track. They were not the fastest, but that can also be because the test session was shortly stopped because of snowfall.
The fastest time of the day was set by Ralf Schumacher in his Williams: 1.21.869 (57 laps). Michael set the 2nd time, 1:21.923 in 32 laps. Third was Barrichello (1.22.566, 27 laps) in the old F2003GA and Coulthard was 4th in the McLaren (1.23.198, 40 laps). Toyota was also on the track with 1.25.581 for daMatta and 1.27.001 for Panis.

source:F1 Racing

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Barrichello start testing at Imola  
Yesterday was the first day of testing this week for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro at the "Enzo e Dino Ferrari" circuit at Imola. Rubens Barrichello took to the track, to continue development work on the F2004, which had begun at Mugello.
The Brazilian driver covered a total of 98 laps, with a best time of 1.21.720.
Testing continues at this circuit today, when Michael Schumacher will join Rubens Barrichello, with an F2004 and an F2003-GA at their disposal.


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Monday, February 23, 2004
Rain spoils testing  
Several days the rain continuous in Mugello. Michael Schumacher couldn't work on his testingprogramme. Therefor they decided to let Rubens Barrichello to continue. But also in the past weekend the rain kept falling. Barrichello drove only 22 laps on sunday.
Because of all the rain Ferrari now decided to go to Imola. The testing starts there one day earlier than they wished. Barrichello will probably start today testing at Imola.


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Thursday, February 19, 2004
Crash at Imola  
The Ferrari team started wednesday at there testing at the circuit of Imola. didn't went as planed. Testdriver Luca Badoer made a heavy crash at the Italian circuit. After he was examened by doctors he was released without any serious injuries.
Luca Badoer was testing several new type of tyres at the F2003-GA. He drove 58 laps in total, with the 3rd best time. The test came (ofcourse) to an end when he crashed in the 'Valiante Alta' corner.
Michael Schumacher went on with testing at the circuit Mugello in the F2004.


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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
He would have been 106...  
Today, 106 years ago, in Modena, Italie, Enzo Ferrari saw the world for the first time. Februari 18th 1898 was his day of birth! (or was it Februari 20th?) Nobody knows that for sure...even Enzo didn't want to solve the mystery (or he also didn't know...).

Anyway...Salute to Enzo!

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Ferrari Art  

Johan Pluister (JP Art) makes with his airbrush fast, flashy and dynamic sportpaintings. Because he likes speed and dynamic he has specialised himself in autosport. Ofcourse his main target is the Formula one! Drivers like Pedro Diniz, Tom Coronel, Jan Lammers and Christijan Albers already found their way to his atelier.
On the picture a very small selection of the Schumacher paintings. Two of them are already sold. The one of Michael's face is still for sale!

source: JP Art

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Jean Todt receives degree!  
The university of Florance gave Jean Todt yesterday an honarly degree in mechanical technolagy. He got the title for his work in technical development in the automotive sport.
The ceremony took place during the festivities surrounding the celebration of the 80th year of excistence of the Academy of Florance.
Princepal Augusto Martinelli spook about the importance in collaboration between the University and Ferrari. Many of the former students now work in Maranello.
"I'm the third of the Ferrari-Maserati group who gets this degree, and I'm very very proud of it", were the words of Jean Todt.
Earlier president Luca di Montezemolo got the degree in Modena en Ross Brown got it at the University of Ancona.

source: F1Racing

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Look daddy...paint!!!  
"Daddy...daddy...." -- "Not now darling...I'm busy" -- "But I found some paint...can I paint?? Pleeeaaasseeee????" -- "Yes dear. You can paint ALL you want" -- "Okay daddy...thank you daddy" -- "..."

source: FerrariChat, Speedy308

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Monday, February 16, 2004
Corse Clienti prizegiving  
On Friday 20th February at 19h00, Ferrari Corse Clienti will hold a prizegiving for drivers and teams who competed in its various programmes in 2003. The ceremony will take place in the Maserati Reparto Corse/Ferrari Corse Clienti headquarters in Modena, with Gestione Sportiva Managing Director Jean Todt attending.

source: FerrariWorld

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Friday, February 13, 2004
512 BB Cabrio  
Edvar van Daalen is well known in the World of Ferrari...he takes a lot of beautiful pictures, including this one. I've never seen it before, a 512 BB Cabrio. Did see a 308 Cabrio once...(in England) but never a 512 BB!
More pictues of the Cavallino event 2004 are on his site...!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004
Ferrari Family  
No real news today, but I did find something interesting. A picture, taken at 28 March 2003, of Piero Ferrari, with his wife Floriana and his daughter Antonellina.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
456 Spider  

This is a 456 Spyder (s/n 100890) in Swaters blue with tan leather. The spider conversion was done by Straman. It has a $15,000 Pioneer sound system and a Supercharger. This is one of only two 456 Spyders built by the R.Straman Company in 1996.
The car was previous owned by Mike Tyson, the boxer. Now it's for sale at Michael Sheehan for $175,000.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Laprecord at Mugello  
Yesterday Rubens Barrichello broke the laprecord at Mugello with his F2004. The record was set by the F2002. The time Rubens set yesterday was 1.18.704. In total he drove 74 laps, nine of them at the short track. The team were not that excited about the record...they just said that Rubens did some regular testing.
Today Michael Schumacher will drive the F2004 at Fiorano and testdriver Badoer will drive the 'old' F2003GA at the Spanish Jerez.

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Monday, February 09, 2004
All 2+2's in Galeria  
Want to see all the 2+2 Ferraris ever built? Then go to Maranello. All the 2+2 Ferrari models exposed at the Galleria until June 2004, from the first one, the 166 Inter of 1948 to the models of our days.
Picture copyright by Ferrari

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Sunday, February 08, 2004
Barichello in the F2004  
Rubens Barrichello drove yesterday for the first time with the F2004. The Brazilian drove the first laps at Mugello. Unfortunately there was rain all day at Mugello, so he couldn't complete the testprogramme. In total he drove 50 laps, with 1.26.823 as quickest time.
Today he was testing again at Mugello. This time he drove 72 laps, with 1.21.270 the fastest one.
pic from

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Saturday, February 07, 2004
Taking a winter spin...  
You wake up in the morning and, at the 7th of Februari, see a lovely sunshine! In your garage stands a Dino 208 what do you do? take it out, go to a gasstation, check it and fill her up and go for a nice spin! And ofcourse you take some pictures! Absolutely a great looking car!!
pics made by Roel also the owner of the car.

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Friday, February 06, 2004
Looking Good!  

Ferraris always look good! :) Picture taken a few days ago during testing at Barcelona. F2003GA.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Ferrari in Lego  
Ferrari has signed a three-year licensing agreement with Lego, the world-famous Danish producer of toy bricks. The accord paves the way for the development of Ferrari single-seater models and a full Formula 1 set up including the pit area and podium.
The series, entitled 'Lego Racers' will be distributed to toyshops during 2004. A life-size Ferrari single-seater constructed from 146,000 Lego bricks and fitted with original Bridgestone tyres was on display at the presentation of the agreement, held today at the Toy Fair in N├╝rnberg.
copyright text and picture:

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This is soooooo bad!! How did it happen? Why?? So soon already, a crashed Enzo! will be sold (it says at the site: this one will not be cheap :) ) and it will be rebuilt! I'm confinced about it!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Interesting...but strange  
Everytime I see new rebodies of Ferraris on the internet. I find them strange, not really attractive, but they are part of the history and legend of I do find them very interesting.
This is a rebody of a a 365 GT/4 2+2 by Felber of Switzerland. It was called Ferrari Croisette and still survives in Switzerland.
Saw the picture on FerrariChat, posted by Joop v/d Meer.

webmaster | 09:47

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Burti back with Ferrari  
After a year of absence is Luciano Burti back as testdriver with Ferrari. The driver will take over the duties from Felipe Massa, who will drive for Sauber this season.
"I will test for Ferrari on a parttime base", confirmed Burti. The contract is parttime because Ferrari can also use the Sauber-drivers Fisichella en Massa for testing. "This is a great oportunity for me and I will do everything I can to help the team!"

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Monday, February 02, 2004
Thomas Biagi joins Barron Connor Racing  
The Barron Connor Racing team has signed Italian Thomas Biagi to race in the Sebring 12 Hours, the Le Mans 24 Hours and the Le Mans Endurance Series, partnering John Bosch and Danny Sullivan in one of team's two Ferrari's 575 GTC.

"We were looking for the best and they don't come much better than the current world champion", John Bosch said. "We are very happy to have Thomas joining us. Both as a person and as a driver, he very much contributes to our team's goals and objectives. He is fast and a pleasure to work with. And, having won the FIA championship in a Ferrari 550 last year, he of course brings a lot of highly relevant experience to the team."

webmaster | 13:08

330 Shooting Break  
A number of 330 GT's were either manufactured or re-bodied when nearly new with coachwork to unique designs by some of Italy's most famous carrozzeria. Naturally, Pininfarina produced a superb body at the request of Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands who had chassis 6267 GT fitted with a body eminently comparable to Ferrari's exclusive 500 Superfast. Another well-known personality commissioned Vignale to design what is now known to have been the last Ferrari bodied by this carrozzeria. Indeed, 330 GT chassis 7963 GT was re-bodied to an absolutely beautiful Shooting Break / Station Wagon configuration for NART impresario Luigi Chinetti.

Text and picture from

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Sunday, February 01, 2004
6th at 24h of Daytona  
The no. 73 Red Bull BE Racing 360 Modena GT became 6th today at the 24 hour of Daytona. He was 3rd in his class. Two other Ferraris were #94 GT Mastercar / Ferrari 360GT who became 32nd and the #93 GT Mastercar / Ferrari 360GT which became 36th. The only other Ferrari at Daytona, #11 GT JMB Racing USA / Ferrari 360GT became 52nd (OUT).
Sad that there were no 575 GTCs racing at Daytona!


webmaster | 21:24

What would you do?  

Well...what would you do?? You see in front of you a panic, you try to grap your camera and take pictures...BUT, what if you don't just see a black Enzo...but also a 288 GTO, a F40 and a F50...OMG!!!! Pictures were taken in Palm Beach, Florida, while the cars drove to the Cavallino event.
Pictures were posted at FerrariChat by Jonas Hostrup.

webmaster | 21:15

F2004 is fast!  
The F2004 proved to be a very fast car indeed today at the Fiorano circuit. Michael Schumacher set the fastest laptime for the first time under the 56 seconds, to 55.999. Yesterday he was also very fast, with the fastest time: 56.279.

And not only the speed seems to be allright. The car drove also 115 laps without any problem! In total the car drove 700 kilometres within the last three days.

webmaster | 20:24



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