Thursday, April 29, 2004
FCN/ FCD Meeting...with a bad start  
At the 24th of April the Dutch and German Ferrari Club had joint together for a tour. More than 85 Ferraris came together for a drive through the Netherlands and Germany. But even a Ferrari can get into troubles...and than you call the ANWB (the Dutch AAA)...who came on a yellow motorbike :)

Source: FCN/ FCD Meeting, picture E. van Daalen

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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Final preparations  
Prodrive is making the final preparations on cars no. 65 and 66 for the pre-quilifying for Le Mans 2004. Prodrive returns to the Le Mans 24 Hour in June this year, in a fight to retain its GTS title won in 2003. The two Ferrari 550 GTS Maranellos are meticulously prepared for Care Racing at our Banbury workshops for the ultimate challenge of speed of endurance.
Source: Prodrive

webmaster | 11:16

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Enzo Prototype  
At (the great) FerrariChat I saw a thread about the prototype of the Enzo. John T. found some great pictures of the prototype and some drawings. He put them all together in the thread!

webmaster | 09:03

Monday, April 26, 2004
Ferrari to set up JV as direct importer in China  
Ferrari today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Wo Kee Hong through its subsidiary Italian Motors - the sole agent for Ferrari and Maserati cars in Hong Kong - and Poly Technologies, a subsidiary of Poly Group, to set up an equity joint venture company in Mainland China. The JV, named Ferrari Maserati Cars International Trading and in which Ferrari will hold a majority stake, will be the sole importer of Ferrari and Maserati cars in China, responsible for the marketing, sale to dealers, spare parts and accessories supply, and after-sale technical supports for both brands.
Source and more:

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Sunday, April 25, 2004
Four out of four!  
Just nine laps was Jenson Button as leader of the field. Then, after the first pitsstop, Michael Schumacher took over and never gave it away. The BAR driver became second, his best place this year. Third became Montoya.
Barrichello had a hard race and had to fight all race long, but didn't come further than sixth place.
Kimi Raikkonen scores his first point this year...he started as last and finished as eight.

webmaster | 16:44

Saturday, April 24, 2004
No Ferrari on pole  
For the first time this year the pole is set by a non Ferrari. Just look at the face of Michael Schumacher (picture)...and you can see the suprise in his eyes.
The first starting place for the 2004 San Marino Grand Prix is for his BAR Honda!! And it's a long time since a Honda was on pole position. The young British driver put a fine 1:19.753 on the clock, an almost perfect lap! Schumacher (1:20.011) made a little steering mistake and therefor he will start from the second place. Third is Montoya and fourth Barrichello. The next Williams, the one from Ralf Schumacher, is right behind him as fifth.
The McLarens are nowhere this year. Coulthard made it onto place eleventh, but for Raikkonen was it once again an engine failure. Tonight there will be a new engine fitted into the McLaren, so after the warming-up lap they decided to bring Kimi in. He will start from the last place.

webmaster | 16:07

Friday, April 23, 2004
Ferrari again fast...  
...if not faster than fast. Michael Schumacher was (again) the fastest on the track during the first qualification this friday. But it was a big suprise for everybody that he was, with his 1.20.084, more than 1.3 seconds faster than Rubens Barrichello (1.21.443) who took the second time.
Ralf Schumacher was almost a second slower than Rubens, with 1.22.250. Fourth was Davidson in his BAR, followed by his teammate Button. Montoya was sixth and Raikonnen even 8th! Trulli was between them, as seventh.

webmaster | 14:17

Thursday, April 22, 2004
They will not be forgotten!  
The San Marino Grand Prix weekend of 1994 was a tragic one. Everybody still knows what happend that sunday during the race; the WorldChampion, and already a legend; Ayrton Senna (picture left) crashed and died.
But that was not the only tragedy that weekend. The day before, at the Villeneuve corner after a suspected front-wing problem, crashed and died Roland Ratzenberger (picture right). The young Austrian that debuted that year in the formula one, at the team Simtek Grand Prix.
You can read more about Ratzenberger at the official Formula one site!

webmaster | 20:34

Rossi behind wheel F2004  
Yesterday was the shakedown for the San Marino Grand Prix, next Sunday at Imola.
Luca Badoer and Michael Schumacher were at the track and drove a total of 16 laps. The fastest time of the day was 58.433.
Also on the track was the MotoGP driver, Valentino Rossi! He drove a few laps with one of the cars. "It was a very exciting day for me," said Rossi. "I would like to thank Ferrari for having given me this opportunity."
At the end of the day, Schumacher and Barrichello also did a few laps in a Maserati MC12, wich is undergoing a development test programme.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
F40 Cutaway  
This drawing has simply stunning detail. It is based on David Kimble's drawing which he did for Road & Track. There are two versions for download on the site I found;

- The Normal file is 1024x500 pixels and around 227K in size. It has a moderate amount of detail. Suitably sized for a Windows background.

- The Big file is 2500x1200 pixels and around 720K in size. This one will blow you away with the detail you can see. Well worth the download time.

So visit the site and download this beautiful 'poster' :)
Source: PureLuckDesign

webmaster | 11:20

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Six Ferraris in top 10  
Six Ferraris finished in the top ten of the FIA GT race, helt at the Valencia circuit at the 18th! The victory of the Spanish race went to the 550 Maranello of Cappellari/Gollin (BMS/Scuderia Italia). Second was the car of there team-mates Bobbi/Gardel. Third place went to the Lamborghini of Kox/Gavin, followed by the 575 GTC of Wendlinger/Wolff/Lechner (JMB Racing).
The next round of the FIA GT series takes place at Magny-Cours (France) on 2nd May.
Source: Ferrari World

webmaster | 11:33

Monday, April 19, 2004
420 Modena?  

These are some spyshots of Ferrari's new mid-engined sports car, that is expected to debut in 2005. The car, with the name 420 Modena, or 420 Fiorano will be the replacement for the 360 Modena. It will probably have a 4.2-liter engine. The new Spider will be introduced in 2006.

Source: The Car Connection, photos: Hans Lehmann

webmaster | 12:55

Only in silver  
So you fancy silver? And you like Ferraris? Ofcourse than you order only silver Ferraris...and if they don't have them in silver? Then you let them silver :)
The cars are owned by Sam Bardor. He lived in Mexico and it's known that he owned a silver 288 GTO (in picture), a 512BB and the cars in the picture: 328 GTB and a Daytona coupe.
Source:, Joop v/d Meer

webmaster | 09:12

Saturday, April 17, 2004
week of testing completed  
Yesterday was the fifth and final day of testing this week for Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro at the Fiorano circuit. Michael Schumacher was back on track again, at the wheel of an F2004. The day was affected by rain and so the work centred on testing wet weather tyres.
The German driver completed a total of 35 laps, 3 of them on the short version of the track, with a best time of 1.00.860.

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Friday, April 16, 2004  
Since yesterday ForzaRossa, the Ferrari weblog, can be reached by AND A special gesture to all the international Ferraristi!

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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Sneak preview of 1/12 Enzo  
Tamiya is proud to present a 1/12 scale multi-material semi-assembled model of the Enzo Ferrari.

In order to obtain unprecedented level of detail, this replica is constructed from high quality materials including ABS resin cowling, die-cast metal engine, metallic mesh grille and synthetic rubber tires. This model also features one-piece monocoque frame, and intricately detailed V12 engine, radiator and drive train. Durable die-cast suspension arms combine with working dampers and stabilizers for real-action suspension. Metal hinged gull-wing doors open smoothly thanks to built-in spring and oil dampers. Front and rear cowling can be opened allowing display of fully detailed interior. Only slight assembly required, making it perfect for collectors and inexperienced modelers.
This multi-material semi-assembled model, just like the actual machine herself, is a revolutionary new vision for the future.
Overall length: 392mm, overall width: 173mm, overall height: 95mm.
Planned date of release: July 2004.


webmaster | 09:07

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Bertolini drives F2004  
Testing continues at Fiorano today, once again with Rubens Barrichello. Luca Badoer and Andrea Bertolini will be on track at Vairano, taking turns at the wheel of an F2004.
Andrea Bertolini normaly drives a 360Modena in GT races.

webmaster | 12:37

Le Mans entry revised  
Most notably is the withdrawl of a Ferrari 550 by the BMS Scuderia Italia team that had an automatic GTS entry after winning the 2003 FIA GT title. Previously, a LMP900 class Dome S101of the Arena team had already been moved from the entry list.

With no GTS cars on the reserve list, however, it is now clear that the Ferrari 575 GTC's of Barron Connor Racing will race against 6 competitors in GTS: the 2 Works Corvettes, 4 Ferrari 550's of Prodrive (2), Care Racing and Labre and the Pagani Zonda of the Force One team.

Source: Barron Connor Racing

webmaster | 09:20

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Testing continious  
At the fourth day of testing in Barcelona the BARs were the fastest. There was, at the 9th of April, no more rain, but some sunshine. Jenson Button was the quickest at the track and he kept teammate Sato (2nd) and Michael Schumacher (3rd) behind him.
At monday Ferrari went back testing. It was the fist day of testing at Fiorano. But because of heavy showers, testdriver Luca Badoer, could only drive 18 laps. His fastest lap was 1.05.887.
Today the team will test again with Rubens Barrichello.

webmaster | 08:57

Friday, April 09, 2004
Happy Easter!  

webmaster | 12:10

Schumi quickest  
Yesterday, at the third day of testing in Barcelona, Michael Schumacher was behind the wheel of the F2004. The day was disturbed by continious raining. But Schumacher did drive 51 laps, and was with 1.23.764 a lot quicker then everybody else! The second time was driven by Fernando Alonso in his Renault, but he was almost 1.9 seconds slower; 1.25.650. He only drove 40 laps. Third of the day was Rubens Barrichellow with 1.26.923, due to mechanical problems he could only drive 29 laps. In total 15 drivers were testing yesterday and Ralf Schumacher in his Williams drove the most laps; 62. But with his time 1.27.028 he didn't came further than place 8.

webmaster | 09:16

Thursday, April 08, 2004
Original Ferrari watch for sale  
Saw this morning an email from somebody who reads my website. He offered me a nice Ferrari watch, made in the early 80s and never worn. The watch 'Formula' was made by Cartier under licence from Ferrari. The watch has all the documents and the original box.
It's for sale for 3.500 euros.

Just sent an email to Hans

webmaster | 11:31

Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Testing at Barcelona  
Yesterday Luca Badoer started testing at Barcelona. He wasn't the fastest then, but did some important tests. Today he went back to Barcelona and set the third time of the day! He completed 118 laps and his fastest time was 01.14.864. Sato in the BAR was fastest, he did 107 laps and his best time was 01.14.687. Trulli was second in 01.14.702 and dit 76 laps.

And...looking back at the fine that Ferrari received after the Bahrain GP, Ferrari came with a statement. They said that the fine was completly right. The man with the lollypop couldn't see Trulli. Ross Brawn said that there was a mechanic working on the right rear tyre and that was why the lollypol went up to soon. Only because a mechanic who works on the left front tyre saw things going wrong an accident could be avoid.

webmaster | 20:01

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Rumours: Kimi to Ferrari?  
Because of the lack of reliablity of the McLaren, Kimi Raikonnen is believed to think about getting to another team...and his thoughts are with Ferrari. Atleast that's the rumour. Kimi still has a contract till the end of 2005, but then he is free to go. Luca de Montezemolo has already said that he thinks that Kimi would be the best replacement for Michael Schumacher if he retires.
Kimi Raikonnen doesn't want to respond to the rumours for now.

webmaster | 11:39

Monday, April 05, 2004
Ferrari gets fine, Ralf gets warning  
Ferrari got a fine of 10.000 dollar for an incident involving car number 2: Rubens Barrichello. After finishing a pitstop the team let Barrichello go right at the same time that Jarno Trulli in his Renault went by. Trulli had to break to avoid an accident. This incident wasn't the fault of Barrichello because he couldn't see it from his car...all drivers rely on the man with the lollypop-stick in front of the car. When he says go: you go!
Ralf Schumacher get's an official warning because of the crash with BAR driver Takumo Sato. When a driver get's three official warnings during a season he will be suspended for 1 race!

webmaster | 08:46

Sunday, April 04, 2004
F50GT for sale!  
Yes's for sale!! Car No3 of only three cars built, this is the most exclusive modern Ferrari. The price?? Not known; you can ask for it by email...but I don't think I have, I'm sure I don't have it :)

webmaster | 17:02

And he did it again!!  
For the third time in a row Michael Schumacher won the GP. This time he was also the first winner of this GP of Bahrain ever! Second was Rubens Barrichello, although he is still under investication by the stewerts because of an incident. He can still get a penalty of 30 seconds. That would set him back to third. The real third driver was Button in his BAR. Montoya was long time third driver but in the last 8 laps he couldn't shift gear anymore. Kimi Raikonnen was the first to leave the race, after only 10 laps the engine blew up. Coulthard also didn't finish, so no points for McLaren!
A great race with a great Ferrari result!! :)further then 10th time, so Raikkonen decided not to set any time and so spare his car and fuel. He will start tomorrow as last.


webmaster | 15:19

Saturday, April 03, 2004
Third pole of the season  
It's three out of three...For the third time this season Michael Schumacher took pole-position (1.30.139). This time at the brand new track in Bahrain. Second was his teammate Rubens Barrichello (1.30.530), who had the fastest time for a long time. As last Montoya (1.30.581) and Ralf Schumacher (1.30.663) went for their time, but they both lost it in the last few corners and became third and fourth. Kimi Raikkonen had yesterday problems with his engine and had to change it. Because of the new 1 engine rule he had to start 10 places lower than his qualifing time. Coulthard didn't came further then 10th time, so Raikkonen decided not to set any time and so spare his car and fuel. He will start tomorrow as last.


webmaster | 18:38

Friday, April 02, 2004
Ferrari fast in Bahrain!  
The First Free Practice at Bahrain is finished. And...Ferrari beats them all! Michael Schumacher was the fastest of the day with a 1.32.158. Half a second slower, 1.32.651, was Rubens Barrichello. BAR did a great job...testdriver Anthony Davidson set thrird time in 1.32.958, and was the last driver in the 1.32s. Montoya was fourth (1.33.027) followed by Button (BAR) in 1.33.989. Raikonnen was disapointing ninth (1.34.603) and Ralf Schumacher even eleventh (1.34.619).

Source and more times:

webmaster | 12:47

Unique location: Bahrain  

In the middle of the dessert a brand new 5,411 km long F1-track has been built in the past few months. Nodbody has driven here it will be a huge challenge for every team. The last time the F1 came to a total new circuit was in 1999: Malesia. That raceweekend was the comeback of Michael Schumacher after he broke his leg in Silverstone. He was that weekend the strongest, but 'gave' the victory to Eddie Irvine, his teammate.
Now...he was already on the track, on a moped...just to see and feel the corners and the braking points. Today he will be on the track for the first time...let's see what happens!

webmaster | 09:03

Thursday, April 01, 2004
eh...I didn't do it :)  

Really...It wasn't me? Or was it?
Do you want to do it to? Just visit Letter James

webmaster | 13:36

Real or Fake?  
If this shot is real...than it's a great photograph...if not: nice photoshop. :)
Source: Sloane Helicopters

webmaster | 12:25



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