Saturday, May 29, 2004
Schumacher on pole!  
Everybody expected it, and Michael did it. He took polepostition (1.28.351) at the Nurburgring for the European Grand Prix. Next to him is a suprise, the BAR driver Takuma Sato, his first time on front row. Third place, and second row, is for Trulli, next to him Raikkonen.
Rubens Barrichello has (only) seventh place, but as we have seen before this season, he could be on a total different pitstrategy.

webmaster | 22:26

Friday, May 28, 2004
Big suprise  
In the second free practice this friday the fastest driver was, a suprise for everybode, Kimi Raikonnen in his McLaren. He put a time on the table of 1.29.355.
Button in the BAR was second with 1.29.618 and Ralf Schumacher with Williams had the third time, 1.29.677.
Both Ferraris were further down the list, with Rubino at sixt (1.29.943) and Michael Schumacher at ninth (1.30.227). But again; this is only the friday, and most of the time they try different settings in the second free practice!
Let's see what saturday will happen!

webmaster | 16:47

Ferraris again fast  
At the first Free Practice for the European Grand Prix were the Ferraris again superfast. But only a few minutes before the end of the practice they were beaten by a testdriver. Anthony Davidson showed that he was the fastest of them all. In 19 laps he drove a 1.29.447. Michael Schumacher became second with 1.29.631 and Rubino (long time fastest) took third with 1.29.865. Then there is a huge gap to the number four, Mark Webber, with 1.31.448.

webmaster | 12:03

Thursday, May 27, 2004
F430 Trademark --> replacement for 360?  

This trademark is for both the "F430" as just letter and numbers, meaning it could used in any type or look, as well as the logo as shown. So they aren't limited in any way to always having the F430 look like it is shown. A unique characteristic of trademarks has to do with the registrant's (Ferrari) requirement to use the mark in actual commerce within 12 months (I beleive this is the curren time frame)! They can file for an extension for another 6 months, but it must be used commercially within that time maybe that's good news for those of us who have reservations for these new models!

I found this trademark on the site. It was coppied from the US Patent & Trademark Site.
Source: US Patent & Trademark, Tnx to PopZen

webmaster | 19:46

Inside the Ferrari pits  

This can happen when you know the right people and/or when you are very very lucky!
Wolfgang, a very well known guy in the FerrariChat European Community posted this, yesterday (Wednesday, May 26th):
Wow, everything started yesterday evening..............
Got a call from my dear Italian friend on my mobil yesterday evening:
"Hey Wolfgang, what are you doing tomorrow?"
-- Working, working damn hard in my office to earn some cash for the next drive out/meeting.
"Do you want to drive with me to the Nürburgring?"
--No, I`m must work, no time....but whats up there?
"FORMULA 1 weekend!!!!!!"
-- Aaaah, yes I know its a the Nürburgring this weekend. Whats the deal?
"We are invited to visit the paddock, pit lane and will meet the Ferrari crew for lunch....Michael, Rubens, Jean, Ross and all the mechanics!"
-- Ääääääh are you kidding or drunken?
"No serious, I have all the tickets and passes for both of us incl. the invitation for the Ferrari Box `cause I personal know them all (thats true!)!"
-- Pfffff, pick me up please! (Store will be closed today)
"I will pick you up at 09:00a.m. at your house."[end quote]

And so it happend that Wolfgang was yesterday in the pitlane and pitbox of Ferrari! And, ofcourse, the same day the pictures were online...
Source & Pictures: FerrariChat Wolfgang Story

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
Spa Ferrari Maserati Days 2004  
This weekend are the Spa Ferrari Maserati Days at Francorchamps, Belgium. During these tree days (it starts at friday) there will be races of the Ferrari Challenge, Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge and the Trofeo Vodafone Maserati, Shell Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, a Ferrari F1 Demonstration (15 Formula 1 cars aspected) and much more. Entry is only 15 euros!
More info about the times you can see in the Timetable (just click below on download).

webmaster | 15:24

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Historic GP at Monaco  
At the 15th and 16th of May the Historic GP was held in Monaco. At the historic GP you can see all the Formula cars in action from the past decades. There was also a parade of Formula one Ferraris, a few you can see at the picture. More pictures are at the site (it's in Frensh and English!)
Source: Automobile Club De Monaco

webmaster | 11:00

Monday, May 24, 2004
The best view  
Isn't this just the best view you can have in your mirror? A nice highway with beautiful mountains in the back, and more important; the fantastic rear of your own car: a Testarossa!!
Picture: Wolfgang, Source: FerrariChat

webmaster | 11:42

Sunday, May 23, 2004
Trulli wins, Schumacher out  
It was an exciting race at Monaco today, with a suprising winner; Jarno Trulli in his Renault, his first win!. The race had some accidents and two safetycar situations. In one of those situations Michael Schumacher braked in the tunnel, Montoya, who was behind him on the track, couldn't avoid him and hit him. Schumacher went into the wall and was out of the race.
Button finished second and Barrichello, on his birthday, took third and therefor some important points for Ferrari!

webmaster | 16:09

Saturday, May 22, 2004
No Ferrari on pole  
This time Ferrari wasn't as strong as always! On the Monaco track Jarno Trulli took pole-position. Second was Schumacher, but not in a Ferrari, but it was his brother in the Williams. Third time was for Button in the BAR. Michael Schumacher was (only) fifth and Barrichello even worse; seventh. Now let's hope that they had a different stratagy!

webmaster | 16:34

Thursday, May 20, 2004
Ferrari 575 GTC 1/18  
Wow, this is a nice miniature. The new 575 GTC! Scale 1/18! The miniature has many nice details, and is for sale for 366.67 euros (432.67 dollar).

webmaster | 11:03

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
420 Monza SPYSHOT  
One of the first spyshots of the replacement of the 360 Modena; the 420 Monza (top picture). This picture was posted at the FerrariForum by adlinyusman. He also posted the picture (drawing) of the rear of the car. The third picture was posted by ansgar. According to him the picture was taken in the Ferrari development center.

webmaster | 23:08

All-Ferrari podium in Germany  
Three Ferraris in the first three places of the FIA GT race held at the 16th of May at Germany's Hockenheim circuit.
Victory in the fourth round of the season went to the Ferrari 550 Maranello of Bobbi/Gardfel (BMS Scuderia Italia) crossing the finish line ahead of its sister cars driven by team-mates Cappellari/Gollin and Livio/Calderari/Bryner (Care Racing). Fourth place went to the Lister of Campbell-Walter/Derbyshire.
Fifth and sixth places went to the Ferrari 575 GTC cars of the G.P.C. Giesse team in the hands of Naspetti/Hezemans and Peter/Babini respectively. The sixth placed crew had been leading until the final lap when a tyre problem saw them slide down the order.
The next round of the FIA GT series takes place at Brno (Czech Republic,) on 30th May.

webmaster | 09:21

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Don't post them...  
I really like Ferrari, and I don't collect stamps, but a Ferrari on a stamp; that's a whole other business. I think it's very nice and have several of them. These I saw today on the net...nice no? :) Six Chinese Stamps with the 125 F1, 625, P4, 312P and the 312B.
Source: Stampville

webmaster | 14:38

Monday, May 17, 2004
Lego Ferrari 1:10  
A LEGO Ferrari model with all the details of a true Ferrari F1 race car; the aerodynamic design, the big V10 engine and the fully functional steering system. This 1:10 scale model measures an impressive 47 cm. So build your own part of the Ferrari legend. 719 pieces in the box.
Source: Ferrari Store

webmaster | 10:45

Friday, May 14, 2004
333 SP  
Do you want info about the 333 SP? Can't find it on the net, or just some info about one car? Just go to this fansite. All the info you want (updated until 2002 I think) with lot's of (highress) pictures. The 333 SP is one of the most succesfull SportsCars of Ferrari from the last decade.
Source: 333 SP

webmaster | 10:20

Thursday, May 13, 2004
Gumball 3000 v2  
The 3000 km long race over public roads has ended. As seen, a couple of days ago, there were some casualties (the 360 Modena Spider) but there has been also a lot of fun. When you search the internet you can find lot's and lot's of pictures about this race.
There are some rumours that the yellow Enzo (see pictures) had an accident and has damaged the front, but I couldn't find any pictures of that, when somebody had pictures; please let me know! :)
On this pictures you can see one non-Ferrari --> the BMW. But I just liked the picture very much :)
Don't know who shot these pictures, but if you did (and have some proof :) ) and want some credits, just mail me!
Source: several. Info about Gumball 3000: here, here and here

webmaster | 09:36

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Ferrari testing  
Yesterday was the first day of testing for Ferrari. Michael Schumacher drove his F2004 at Fiorano. He was mainly testing his tyres who must bring him a new record at the GP of Monaco. He could be the first F1 driver ever who will win six races in one season.
Michael drove 144 laps, 30 of them at the short version of the track. His fastest laptime was 0.56.386. In total he drove about 380 km.
In the meantime Luca Badoer was testing at Mugello. He was also testing the tyres. He drove 94 laps, 39 of them at the short track. In total he drove about 400 km and his fastest lap was 1.20.806.

webmaster | 09:19

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Gumball 3000  
The Gumball 3000 has started at May 5th. Already the race, of 3000 miles in just 6 days, has finished a car. Just look at this 360 Spider...and say it doesn't hurt :(
Word is that the driver and passagner are allright. On the race, that goes from Paris, through Spain to Marocco and back to Spain to finish in Cannes, France, has also a Lamborgini crashed. There were also rumors that a Enzo had crashed, but those were never confirmed.
More info on the Gumball 3000 at their site and at FerrariChat.
Source: FerrariChat, Gumball 3000

webmaster | 09:30

Monday, May 10, 2004
Overpelt Meeting  
Last weekend there was a Ferrari meeting in Overpelt, Belgium. These are some first pictures. More are on the FerrariChat site. Hopefully I can find some time today/ tomorrow to make a gallery about this great event; very well organised by Joren Remans!! Tnx again Joren, it was a fantastic meeting!
Source: FerrariChat Overpelt

webmaster | 10:00

Sunday, May 09, 2004
Five out of five was all about tactics today at the GP of Spain. Most of the teams had planned a three pitstop strategy. Michael Schumacher, starting from pole, did also three. But Rubens Barrichello, starting at fifth place, did only two stops; and it brought him the second place, just behind...ofcourse...Michael Schumacher. He seems to be unbeatable this season...!!

webmaster | 23:20

Friday, May 07, 2004
Barrichello beats Schumacher  
In the second practice Barrichello was faster than Michael Schumacher. But neighter are at the first row. Button was fastest with a 1:15.935, that he drove in 19 laps. Second was Davidson (1:16.188) and Zonta was third (1:16.360).
Barrichello didn't came further than the sixt time (1:16.698) and M.Schumacher was just behind him as seventh (1:16.729).
Let's see what happens tomorrow!
Source and picture:

webmaster | 15:07

1st Free Practice Spain  
First free practice in Spain was in nice weather. The Air temperature was 17 degrees Celcius and the track was 27 degrees. There were 25 drivers at the track during this practice from 11.00 till 12.00. Most laps were driven by A.Davidson (26 laps) who pushed his car to a 3rd place.
Fastest was M.Schumacher (1.15.658 in 7 laps), followed by R.Barrichello (1:16.033 in 8 laps). More times can be found at

Source:, Picture:

webmaster | 12:00

Super F50  
Any F50 is a supercar. There's no doubt about it. But what if you think the 'normal' F50 is to slow. Is there something wrong with you??? That car is superfast...But it can always go faster...what about this; a yellow supercharged F50 with 800 BHP!! According to my info the car has been modified by the factory.

Picture taken by E. van Dalen, more pictures

webmaster | 09:43

Thursday, May 06, 2004
Prost back at Ferrari?  
He didn't leave Ferrari with a smile. Because he didn't agree with the management he was fired after his years as driver at Ferrari. But now he isn't mad at them anymore. And Ferrari management of today is totally different from back then. Is Alain Prost going to work again at Ferrari?
A few days ago he went to Maranello. According to Prost himself it was only to visit his friend Jean Todt, but when he was asked to test the new Maseratti he couldn't resist. He was testing at the Fiorano track in the rain. And yesterday he went back. While there was a last minute test with the electrical system of the F2004 on one side, he was back behind the wheel of the Maserati. Now on a dry track.

webmaster | 15:49

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
New positions with Ferrari  
While Luca di Montezemolo continues to head the Ferrari Maserati Group as its President and C.E.O., the following changes will come into effect as from 1st June 2004:

  •  Martin Leach takes on the role of Maserati C.E.O;
  •  Jean Todt takes on the role of Ferrari Managing Director, while maintaining his present responsibilities within the Gestione Sportiva;
  •  Amedeo Felisa assumes the responsibilities of Ferrari Deputy Managing Director.

    Antonello Perricone leaves Maserati to take on other responsibilities within the Fiat Group.

    webmaster | 09:51

    Tuesday, May 04, 2004
    Drawing a legend  
    A view weeks ago I posted about Carsten from He draws a spectacular way. He was busy drawing a Testarossa for Wolfgang, the owner who he met at FerrariChat!
    Now he's busy with a new project...a legend: the 330 P4!
    The car, built in 1967, won the 1967 Monza 1000-km race. The P4 also raced and finished second against the GT40 in the 1967 24 Hours of LeMans.
    In the pictures you can see how the car is being built/ drawn. And just look at those details! I wonder how great it must look in real!
    More about the artist and his drawings you can find at his site.
    Source:, pictures and drawing by Carsten Christiansen

    webmaster | 08:50

    Monday, May 03, 2004
    New Shoes!  
    Just saw these new Ferrari shoes at the FerrariChat. I think they look fabulous, but when I heard the price...400 - 445 dollar :S
    I think that it's a lot of money for some shoes!! But they DO look great :) Bigger pictures of these Ferrari Tod's are at the FerrariChat (see link).
    Source: FerrariChat, pictures Hubert888 from Manhattan, NY

    webmaster | 10:06

    ForzaRossa News  
    I was a little bit busy these past few days...that's why I couldn't update ForzaRossa as much as I use to. I have some time, so the news will follow soon!! :)

    webmaster | 09:30



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