Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Four Ferraris in Zandvoort (NL)  
During the upcomming Marlboro Masters of Formula 3 there will be a demo with 4 (!) Ferraris. Barron Racing, the Dutch Ferrari GT team from John Bosch, wil be, in cooperation with Ferrari, on the track with the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Ferraris of his own collection.
But that's not all. The cars need ofcourse very good qualified drivers, like John Bosch himself. He will be driving one of the cars, but the others will be driven by legends Jacky Ickx (see picture), Rene Arnoux and Jan Lammers.
Ickx won with a Ferrari the GP of Holland in 1971 and Arnoux won the last GP of Holland in 1983...also in a Ferrari.
For Lammers it was 25 years ago that he started at a F1 GP.

webmaster | 18:40

Monday, June 28, 2004
Gallery online!  
The Gallery Spa Italia 2004 is online. 23 pictures with beautiful Ferraris, some Lamborghinis and even two Ford GT40s. So check it out! click on the images for larger ones in a popup!
Gallery Spa Italia 2004

webmaster | 14:03

Enzo Ferrari, The Movie  
I was for a long time searching for this movie, but I finally have it; "Enzo Ferrari, the Movie". Bought it for only 9 euros at Ebay!
The movie is directed by Carlo Carlei. The actor Sergio Castellitto plays Enzo Ferrari in the 3,5 hour long movie about the life of Enzo.

Ferrari opens in the mid 1980s with an elderly Enzo Ferrari still managing the company's races division, though for him times have irrevocably changed. The company has been sold to Fiat, the Rossa is in crisis and the last Formula 1 Championship Trophy had been awarded several years before.

Left to Right: Camera Assistant Camillo Sabatini, Director Carlo Carlei and DP Gino Sgreva, AIC. (PHOTO: COURTESY OF PHILIPPE ANTONELLO)

In a mood of deep reflection, Ferrari talks to a journalist (whose identity is revealed at the end of the movie) about his long life, which had but one focus- a passion and dream to race cars and then to build the fastest car in the world. Numerous evocative flashbacks form the hub of this fascinating two-part, one hundred minute cinematic television movie about the man and the myth. Ferrari was filmed in English in Maranello, the real location of the Rossa, as well as Modena, Bologna and Ferrara, and the autodrome 'Enzo e Dino Ferrari' of Imola; all interiors were shot in Rome.

Source and more info:


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Sunday, June 27, 2004
Spa Italia...on track with a 208GT4  

Just back from a great weekend trip. At friday I left to meet with Roel, from the DinoGT4Register. He and some friends had invited me, for the work I had done on their website, to go to Spa Italia. We drove there with two Dino 208GT4s and a 348. The friday was great, the saturday even better...but today! It was fantastic, especially the fantastic drive on the track with the GT4!!
More pics will follow ofcourse, but later :) First I have to cool down a bit!

webmaster | 19:19

Friday, June 25, 2004
Badoer faster in test  
This is not something that happens often, but Luca Badoer was faster than Michael Schumacher in the third day of testing at Barcelona. He was also, with a 1.14.881 the fastest of the day. He drove in total 102 laps and was mainly testing the new Bridgetone tyres.
The number two of the day was Alonso in his Renault. He drove 108 laps and his best time was 1.15.194. Third was Michael Schumacher, in 71 laps he drove a 1.16.163. Today is the final day of testing at Barcelona.

webmaster | 09:45

Thursday, June 24, 2004
Ferrari FX and 575 GTC  

Ferrari FX and 575 GTC at Ferrari Of Orange County. Pictures taken by Jordan Witherspoon. More pictures can be found at the FerrariChat!
Source: FerrariChat

webmaster | 09:49

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Limited, Officially, Beautiful!  
Looking for a beautiful 1:8 scale miniature of Ferraris? Handmade? Limited? And officially licensed by Ferrari? Look no further...just visit the website of Autodromo. And just amase yourself by the fantasic details of the 312B and 312T.
Source and website: Autodromo

webmaster | 18:58

Monday, June 21, 2004
Who says F1 is boring?  
The GP of USA at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was absolutely not boring! It was a race with all the ingredients of sensation. At the start Montoya had a problem with his car, therefor he started in the T-car from the pits. But, he (or his team) hestitated to long at the grid, therefor, almost at the end of the race, he got a black flag and had to stop.
In the first corner there was an accident in the midfield. So the safetycar came out. Rubens was still in the lead, but when the safetycar went in, Schumacher had the best 'start' and could overtake Rubens.
Later there was a huge crash of Ralf Schumacher. He went backwards in the concrete wall. He was taken to hospital, but hasn't broken anything, although he has a lot of pain.
Takumo Sato let everybody see that he could overtake and did that a lot of times. And...he took third place, his first podium.
Rubens tried to overtake Michael, but it didn't work. So he became second, behind Michael...again a one-two for Ferrari!
Only eight cars finished, the last one was...Baumgartner in the Minardi, their first points!

webmaster | 09:40

Saturday, June 19, 2004
He did it!  
Rubens Barrichello took poleposition at the American GP in Indianapolis. It's his first pole this season! But both Ferraris did a great job. Michael Schumacher was only 0,2 seconds slower and stands on second place. Now hope that the team has the same kind of fantastic strategy as last weekend in Canada. Then it could be a fantastic race! And who knows: the first win for Rubens?

webmaster | 20:59

Friday, June 18, 2004 of the day  
Now hope he can do the same tomorrow...that would be great. In the second friday practice Rubens Barrichello was again fastest of them all. With a 1.10.365 he drove in 24 laps to the first spot. Davidson was more than half a second behind him, 1.10.967. Montoya was third (1.10.982) and Michael Schumacher was fourth 1.11.036.
In this practice there was again a red flag situation, this time because Sato went off after a collision with the Sauber of Felipe Massa.
Raikkonen did it a little bit better than the 1st practice, he ended up as 10th (1.12.197). But his teammate didn't put a time on the table. He is last.

webmaster | 22:32

Rubens fastest on first practice  
Both Ferraris were very fast during the first friday practice. And Rubens won of the two of them. He was, with 1.11.354 in 16 laps the fastest. Michael Schumacher followed him with a 0.265 gap (1.11.619). Third was Davidson (1.11.693). Montoya was fourth (1.12.008) and Zonta fifth (1.12.366).
During the practice there was a red flag moment (at 11.40 local time) when the Minardi of Bruni stopped in Turn 8.
The McLarens were, again, not fast enought. Raikkonen had 12th time (1.13.147) and Coulthard even 18th (1.13.916).

webmaster | 19:14

New layout website  
Ferrari has a new website. Check it out...a total new design!

webmaster | 14:16

Indianapolis; Ferrari is confident  
The GP of America is on it's way. Michael is really looking forward to the race. "After such a successful race as Montreal, we go into Indianapolis with more desire," he said in an interview. "I have said it often enough, but I think we are going into Indianapolis with a good chance. We hope to notch another win. Three days' rest between Canada and the USA are necessary to stir the desires for the next race. We want to go for victory and we will be competitive."
Very positive words from the World Champion!

webmaster | 11:20

Thursday, June 17, 2004
Villeneuve back in F1?  
Jacques Villeneuve is back in a formula 1 seat, but he's not going to start at the US GP this weekend. He'll be driving a 1978 Ferrari at the 'Goodwood Festival of Speed.' His late father, Gilles, raced the 312 T3 to Montreal GP victory four years before his dead in Belgium.
Also at Goodwood is Jacques 1996 teammate at Williams, Damon Hill. Hill will be driving his late dad's BRM.

webmaster | 12:58

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Since I don't have any news at the moment...I just want to show this beautiful picture. Found it on

webmaster | 19:23

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
1976 Group 5 Lancia Stratos S/N 1758  
Interested in this 250HP beast? Just visit and pay 134,000 dollar and it's yours!

webmaster | 19:01

Monday, June 14, 2004
The Lusso  
And this is the newest HotWheels Ferrari miniature in scale 1/18: the 250 GT Lusso! And looking at the first pictures; it just looks beautiful, especially when you consider the price, only 29.95 dollar!

webmaster | 19:01

Williams and Toyota disqualified  
More points for Barrichello and Ferrari, because Williams was disqualified in Canada. The Williams and Toyota teams have been disqualified from the Canadian Grand Prix after stewards discovered irregularities on the brake ducts of their cars following Sunday's race. Their disqualification means that Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello is elevated to second place in Sunday's result, with Jenson Button taking third for BAR. Giancarlo Fisichella moves up to fourth for Sauber, ahead of the McLarens of Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard. Timo Glock scores world championship points for seventh on his Grand Prix debut for Jordan, with team mate Nick Heidfeld taking the final point in eighth.

webmaster | 09:03

Sunday, June 13, 2004
Ferrari on podium in Le Mans  
But not as first. And it looked so good by the start. Ofcourse not in the LM-class, but in the GTS class the Ferraris were very strong. But the complete team of Barron-Connor Racing, with the 575 GTCs didn't finish. And the Prodrive 550 Maranello of McRae/Rydell/Turner finished as third (9th overall) behind the two Corvettes. On 11th place (overall) was the Prodrive 550 Maranello of Enge/Kox/Menu and 14th (overall) was the Larbre Competition 550 of Bouchut/Goueslard/Dupard. The last Ferrari that crossed the finish line (20th overall) was the Cirtek Motorsport 360 Modena with the drivers Wilson/Montain/Hugenholtz. They drove in the GT class.
Le Mans 2004 was won by the Audi of Audi Sport Japan Team Goh with Ara/Capello/Kristensen. They drove a total of 379 laps!
Source:, Photo: Sylvain GUERANT

webmaster | 23:11

Ferrari; strategy means victory  
He started from sixt place...and some critics already said it's over for Ferrari. No more victories would follow this season. But those critics forgot one thing: the Ferrari team has not only the best car, the best engine and the best drivers. They have also the best strategist!
The Ferrari team were the only one of the topteams with a two stop pitstrategy and that was the key to another great victory for Michael. Ralf Schumacher did also a good job for Williams and finished second. Rubens Barrichello made a little mistake but was also very strong, starting from seventh place and finishing on the podium as third!

webmaster | 22:29

Saturday, June 12, 2004
24H Le Mans  
Don't forget...this weekend is not only the GP of Canada, but also the worldfamous 24 Hours of Le Mans! The race will start today, at 16.00 h (local time). In the second practice session the Audi of Davies/Herbert/Smith was fastest (3:32.838), in the LM1 class. Ferrari doesn't come out in that class, but has good cards in the GTS class. First in that class (and 17th overall) was the 550 Maranello of Enge/Kok/Menu in 3.49.438.
The first 575 GTC (Hezemans/Barde) is on 31st place in 4:05.337.

webmaster | 11:17

Friday, June 11, 2004
No suprises  
And again, after the first practice at Canada, the Ferraris were unbeatable. Schumacher was with a 1:14.013 just faster than Barrichello who took, with 1:14.291 second place.
The only one who could follow them a little bit was testdriver Anthony Davidson in the BAR, with 1:14.519.
Fourth was another testdriver, Ricardo Zonta, in the Toyota, with 1:14.952.
Montoya didn't came further than 8th place (1:15.928) and Raikkonen was even worse with 13th place (1:16.570).
Now hope qualifing will do the same tomorrow!

webmaster | 18:39

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Dusty Daytona  
This was for sale at Ebay; a 1971 Ferrari Daytona. Needs Complete Restauration. No kidding? What a sad way to end for such a beautiful car. Totally abused and broken. Terrible. It's no for sale, I hope that the buyer (who paid 38.000 US dollars for it) wants to restore it and not use it for parts...because that's IMHO the worst thing you can do to a Ferrari...sell it in parts :(
Source: Ebay

webmaster | 16:52

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Relaxed Schumacher  
After the testing finished last Thursday it was time to relax for Michael Schumacher. The comming two weeks will be very busy with first the GP of Canada (this sunday) and only a week later the GP of America.
Schumacher goes to Canada with much confidence. He does think that especially the BAR team will be strong. But, with the new improved Bridgetones, Ferrari will be very stong in both races!

webmaster | 15:31

Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Todt as chairman FIA?  
Max Mosley thinks that Jean Todt is the right person to take his job, as chairman of the FIA, when he retires.
"Jean has worked in the automotive sports for many years, and I think he is the best qualified", said Mosley.
Some of the teamowners aren't happy with the suggestion of Mosley. Ron Dennis says that Jean Todt never can be objective enough, as he is linked to Ferrari for so many years.

webmaster | 19:35

Monday, June 07, 2004
Ferrari Shanghai  
In front of 35.000 spectators 70 Ferraris drove on the brand new Shanghai circuit. After that it was the turn of Gerhard Berger in the championship winning F2003-GA. The Austrian drove a total of five laps and the crowd was very enthousiast.

webmaster | 21:26

Ferrari Art  
Don't have much time today to search for nice Ferrari stuff and it feels like there is a small pre-summer break in the air. Not much news from the Ferrari front. So, here is something I found, browsing on the net. Some nice Ferrari art. Don't have any other info about it...just that I like it :)

webmaster | 14:24

Saturday, June 05, 2004
Testing finished  
The 4th of June was the fourth and final day of testing this week for Ferrari.
Yesterday morning Andrea Bertolini carried out an aerodynamic programme, completing a total of 23 laps, his fastest lap went in 1.28.281 In the afternoon, Luca Badoer stepped into the F2004 cockpit, having been at Fiorano in the morning to shake down the cars that will be used in the Canadian Grand Prix.
The Scuderia's official test driver worked on new components and a Bridgestone tyre development programme. He put in 46 laps, the quickest being a 1.19.659.
At the same day also Sauber (Fisichella, second), Toyota (Briscoe, third) and McLaren (De La Rosa, fourth) were testing.

webmaster | 11:09

Friday, June 04, 2004
Berger again in Ferrari F1  
Ferrari will become the first Formula One constructor to drive at the Shanghai International Circuit this weekend. Former driver Gerhard Berger will pilot last yearÂ’s championship winning F2003-GA around the new track, which is due to host the first Chinese Grand Prix on September 26. For Berger, who raced for Ferrari for six years, the trip is a return to China as a Ferrari ambassador. In 1995 he travelled to Peking as part of an official team visit. Also representing Ferrari at the ceremony on Sunday will be Managing Director Jean Todt and Formula One test driver Luca Badoer.

webmaster | 07:30

Thursday, June 03, 2004
Testing at Silverstone (Day 2)  
At the second day (Wednesday) of testing at the Silverstone track was the BAR of Takuma Sato the fastest. He put a time of 1.18.091 on the clock. He was a little faster than Cristiano da Matta (1.18.148). He drove 124 laps in his Toyota. Michael Schumacher drove (only) 76 laps and with 1.18.290 took third time, just before Raikkonen with the McLaren (1.18.454).

webmaster | 06:00

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
Spy Shot; Ferrari 430  
The new 420/430 coupe is expected to be unveiled early in 2005 (Detroit or Geneva motorshow). There haven't been any spyshots of Spider version, so it's unknown if that also will be unveiled in the same show.
Source:, Picture: Hans Hehmann/Hidden Image

webmaster | 10:43

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Spa Ferrari Days; Update 2  
The gallery with some of my best pictures taken during the Spa Ferrari Maserati Days, on Sunday the 30th, is online. Twenty pictures in a on them for an enlargement!
Gallery Spa Ferrari Days

webmaster | 21:37

Spa Ferrari Days, Update 1  

Need I say more? Great weather,great cars...a fantastic day. More pictures will follow in the Gallery. It can take some while.

webmaster | 14:50

A lot has happend  
This was an exciting weekend, in many ways. On saturday I got the keys to my new car; an Alfa Romeo 1.6 TS from 2000. On Sunday I've been to the Spa Ferrari Maserati Days. And, ofcourse, there was the 1-2 victory of the Ferrari team at the European GP!
I didn't have time yet to update ForzaRossa, but pictures will follow soon!

webmaster | 09:04



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