Saturday, July 31, 2004
Visited Kroymans today  
Today I visited, together with fellow F-chatter Wesley, the local (we both live in Hilversum, The Netherlands) Ferrari dealer (and importer) Kroymans. In the basement there was a nice Enzo, F50 and F40 (and a Dino 246). Together with a 360 Spider, 355, 328, and two 612 Scagliettis a nice collection. Took some pics and you can see 23 of them in a new gallery.

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Friday, July 30, 2004
430 Modena Pre-Presentation in Maranello  

Car was presented to a select group of customers in Maranello on tuesday 20th july. Called the 430 Modena, it weighs in at 1350 kg dry and has 490 bhp (euro). It has an electronically controlled diff that the driver can adjust from the thingypit. The back is enzo - like and the front too (notably the lights). Power to weight ratio is equal to that of a CS.


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Day 4: it's's amazing  

Day four. Carsten spoke over the MSN...I'm finished with the drawing. I couldn't believe it at only four days? only four days. The pics he would sent in a few minutes...and there it was...the drawing...of my absolute favourite Ferrari...and it's soooo good...soooo amazing! Thx Carsten for making this drawing...this piece of Art!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

webmaster | 13:20

Day 3: more and more details  
Day three (got this picture already yesterday, but had no time to update the site). Isn't it can just see the car 'growing' under the professional hands of Carsten!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Day 2: ART!  
Day two. More and more details are getting vissable in the drawing of the 250 SWB!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

These are the very first pictures of a new drawing made by Carsten Christiansen of Bugatti Art. It's a handmade drawing of one of the finest Ferraris ever built, the 250 SWB. The details of the car look already superb and it's only the beginning.
If you want to see more drawings made by this automotive artist; just visit his website!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

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Sunday, July 25, 2004
Victory in home country  
Michael Schumacher did it again. He won his eleventh victory of this season, and thereby came to his own record of victorys in one season he set in 2002. Jenson Button had a great race with a lot of good fights and became second. Fernando Alonso became third.
In the race was also one huge accident. A piece of the rearwing from the McLaren of Kimi Raikonnen broke at high speed, sending Kimi into the wall. The Fin was furious. The anger won't be for long, because he will marry this saturday his girlfriend, Jenni Dahlman (former Miss Scandinavia).
Unfortunately was the day for Rubens not so good. In the first lap he hit another car and had to get another front wing and in the last lap he also got a flat tyre...therefor didn't came further than the twelfth place.

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Friday, July 23, 2004
Schumacher relaxed at Hockenheim  
This picture was taken yesterday at the Hockenheim track. Just look how relaxed Schumacher looks. Like a man who knows he can win...again. No worries. The car is fine, the tyres are fine and the team is fantastic. But even better...he knows he can do it! He can win his 6th victory in a row. His 81st victory in total...and take another step to his next World title.
Picture (and copyright) taken by Wolfgang from the FerrariChat

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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Gallery Modena Days online  
Finally. The Gallery of the Modenay Day at Schwetzingen and the Hockenheim Ring is online. Over 50 pics of this great event! Enjoy!
Gallery Modena Days

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
** Note from the webmaster **  
Sorry for the lack of updates these past view days :) Am a bit busy at the moment, but updates will follow soon...especially the gallery of the Modena Days. Have over 50 pics in the gallery and it will be (probably) online tonight or tomorrownight!

webmaster | 14:49

Sunday, July 18, 2004
Modena was great  

Just back from the Modena Days in Schwetzingen (D). It was a great weekend, with very much sun!! This week the gallery will get keep on checking! :)
But I would like to thank already the organistation: Nino and Wolfgang (and all others I don't know) for a great event!!

webmaster | 20:44

Friday, July 16, 2004
Hope this won't happen  
This is what we (the visitors of the Modena Days) will look like when the weather doesn't wet ducks :D Ferrari loving wet ducks :). Tnx Tina for letting me use this beautiful drawing!!
Source and Design: Tina Christensen

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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Testing at Jerez  
Barrichello was the only Ferrari driver testing at Jerez, Spain. But he beat all the other teams that were driving there. With a 1.17.580 he was, in 91 laps, almost half a second faster than Jenson Button in the BAR (1.17.956).
Other teams at Jerez, yesterday, were Renault, McLaren, Totota, Williams and Jaguar. The slowest man of the field was the Fin Heiki Kovalianen. He is part of the Renault trainingcentre and drove 66 laps, with a fastest time of 1.20.437.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Ticket GP Hockenheim for sale!!  
Just received a phonecall from a friend of mine. He goes to the GP of Deutchland at Hockenheim, next weekend. He's going with some friends, and one of those had to cancel. So he had one ticket left. Unfortunatly I'm not able to go...very very sad indeed. the ticket is for the Dutch site
The ticket is for a place on the South Grand Stand (G) at the topside, and is for the whole weekend (22 till 25 july).
Interested? Visit the site:

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Sunday, July 11, 2004
His 80th victory  
For Michael Schumacher it was a 'different' win than all the others. Why? Because this was his 80th Grand Prix victory.
After starting as fourth he had a very good race, with again a different strategy than his competetors. He only did two stops...the others were all on a three pitstop strategy.
But in the end, the two stop stategy almost didn't work, because of a very heavy crash of Trulli in the 40th lap. Everybody who hadn't stop yet went in and came back on the track behind the savety car.
But the Ferrari was very strong and kept in the lead, taking in the end a gap of 5 seconds. Second became Kimi Raikkonen and third a happy Barrichello!

webmaster | 17:52

Saturday, July 10, 2004
Kimi Pole...Barrichello second  
After a qualification with many dark clouds, but without rain, Kimi Raikonnen took pole position. Rubens was also very fast and set the second time. Third is Jenson Button and just behind him is Michael Schumacher.

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Friday, July 09, 2004
Raikkonen fastest on friday  
Like we have seen before this season, Ferrari was strong in the first practice, but drove in racetrim in the second. Therefor there was no Ferrari on pole...but a McLaren. Raikkonen proved that the new McLaren is a good car and set the fastest time (1.18.655). Second was Fisichella in the Sauber and Schumacher was third. Coultard became fourth, just before Button and Barrichello. Suprise of the day was Gene who (with the seventh time) beat Montoya who didn't came further than 11th.

webmaster | 17:49

And I'm also going!!  
Just made the decision...I'm going next weekend to Germany, Schwetzingen. The Modena Days! Hundreds of Italian cars, nice Italian food and many F-Chatters!! Looking already forward to it!
Info and Source: Villa Modena, watch the popup!

webmaster | 14:02

Ferrari fast in first practice  
Rubens Barrichello was the fastest of the first practice at Silverstone. He drove a 1.19.138 and was 0.078 seconds faster than Michael Schumacher. Montoya took the third time. Marc Gene is for the second time the replacement driver for Ralph Schumacher. Gene did a great job and took fourth time.

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Barrichello got offer from Williams  
Just some while ago Williams approached Barrichello with a contact for 2005. But the Brasilian decided not to accept it. He is more confinced that Ferrari will win and that he can beat Michael Schumacher next year.
"I have to believe that. Otherwise it's better to stop immediately," told Rubens against The Sun. "I keep on fighting to defeat Michael. And I'm getting closer. And when I do it...I'll be the first driver to do it!"
Barrichello didn't win any race this year, Schumacher won already nine (out of ten!). But the gap between the numbers one and two isn't huge, only 22 points!

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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Did Saddam have a 166?  
Yesterday I got an email from author Wallace Wyss, known from his books: Ferraris by Pininfarina Photo Archive and The Complete Guide to the Ferrari 308. He is working on a story for a magazine on Saddam's cars. Rumor goes that he had a Ferrari 166. Does anybody knows about it? Or was it perhaps Saddam's son, the carcollecting Uday?
Any info would be appreciated. You can mail it to me, and I'll sent it to Mr. Wyss.
Mail to: ForzaRossa

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
F1 in London  
Today the F1 arrived in London. Yes, you read it right; the F1 cars were driving around Piccadilly Circus and on Regent London.
Cars of Williams, Jaguar, Jordan, Ferrari and more were at the 'start'.
The start was at 18.00 when Toyota driver christiano da Matta drove the first lap throught the Capital of Great-Brittain. Then Nigel Mansell also drove a lap, with a Jordan. The Ferrari was driven by testdriver Luca Badoer.
The track was from Waterloo Place, through Regent Street, Great Marlborough Street, Little Argyll Street, again Regent Street and then Waterloo Place.
Source and more pics:

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Matsuda Collection  
Probably one of the most famous Ferrari collections of the world, is the one of the Japanese collector Matsuda.
Just found out that there is also a website of it...just check it out!
Website: Matsuda Collection

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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Tactics...and the last corner  
This was an historic race. It was because of the tactics. Of what team? Well, Ferrari ofcourse. Michael Schumacher started the race as second and was on the same stratagy as Alonso in his Renault. And...they drove the same laptimes. But according to the data, Ross Brawn noticted that Schumacher could drive faster. So...they changed the pitstop strategy. Not three, not four pitstops. This hasn't been done before in a total dry race! And it worked. After the first stop Schumacher was still behind Alonso, but he overtook him by the second, by just 2 or 3 seconds. And the gap grew...until there was enough time to make the fourth!
Behind this all there was a very nice battle for third place. In the race Trulli was third, Barrichello, who started as tenth, was fourth just before Button who he overtook while he was comming out of the pits.
In the last corner of the last lap, just before start/finish, Barrichello did what a great driver must do; he took his changes and put his Ferrari on the inside of the Renault of Trulli...and became third!
In my opinion; Rubens Barrichello - the driver of the race!

webmaster | 21:28

Saturday, July 03, 2004
Exciting kwalification  
A little mistake on the curbs...that was al that withheld Schumacher to take the pole. That little steering error put him on the second place, behind Alonso. Coulthard had a very good kwalification and that resulted in his best place this year; third.
Rubens didn't came further than 10th place.

webmaster | 16:47

Friday, July 02, 2004
First day in France...rain!  
The Ferrari drivers Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello closed the first training day on the France track as fifth and tenth. During the first practice they were the fastest two.
"This was a total different training as normal," told Schumacher. "Because of the heavy rain we couldn't drive and test much. We didn't drive much because we aspect that it will be a dry race on Sunday."
The FIA gave all teams until 12 o'clock tomorrow to decide for the tires. That makes the saturday morning practice an important one!

webmaster | 17:47

Thursday, July 01, 2004
Black Enzo...for sale  
...on sale now in The Ferrari Market Letter...! Go to Black Enzo to see all sorts of pictures and read about the car...! It is THEE most beautiful car in the world. he look, the color, it's perfect.
Source: FerrariChat, by NNO

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