Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Special Press conference  
Tomorrow Michael Schumacher will give a special press conference. Speculations goes that he will announce his retirement. The 35-year-old driver has now 7 world titles in his pocket...more than anyone ever did.
Jean Todt denies that Schumacher will quite. "Michael still loves the sport and is still young and eager to win", said Todt after the Belgium GP.
Source: F1Racing.net

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Monday, August 30, 2004

A happy Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn after the Grand Prix yesterday. With his second place Schumacher took enough points lead to become this years World Champion. With that he took the seventh title...an absolute record!
And for Ferrari it was also a reason to celebrate. The GP of Belgium was the 700 GP for the Scuderia who's record now beholdes 179 victories, 174 polo positions, 14 World Driver' titles and 14 World Constructors' titles.
Source and copyright picture: Ferrari-World.com

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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Raikonnen wins, Schumacher WorldChampion  
Michael Schumacher took his seventh worldtitle F1 in his career. But he couldn't take it with a win. The victory went to Kimi Raikkonnen, the first win of him this year...and the first win of a McLaren. Rubens Barrichello went to the third place.
Source: F1Racing.net

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Trulli...king of rain  
Jarno Trulli was the sensation of the saturday. In the very exciting session the Italian was the fastest of them all. In the rain Michael Schumacher had to settle with the second time. Third was Fernando Alonso the second Renault driver.
For Trulli is this his second pole-position. First he took also this season, in Monaco.
Schumacher did get close to his time, but he finally had a gap of 0.072 seconds. The third time of Alonso was half a second slower than his teammate.
Fourth time is for David Coulthard and fifth is Giancalo Fisichella. Sixt was Rubens Barrichello.
The teams that have lost most are Williams and BAR. Neighter of them has one driver in the top 10. Montoya is 11th and Pizzonia 14th, and Button 12th and Sato 15th.
Source: F1Racing.net

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Friday, August 27, 2004
Schumi is looking forward to the race  
Michael Schumacher can win his seventh Worldtitle this weekend. There is only one competitor at the moment, his teammate Rubens Barrichello.
"The Belgium Grand Prix is one of the races I really enjoy", says Schumacher. "The circuit has something magical, and I have some great memories there. I drove my first race on Spa en also took there my first victory."
"Also Spa is very near to my hometown Kerpen. So Spa is kinda my homecircuit. The track is a real challenge and the nature is fantastic. I really love Spa...it's my favorite track."
Source: F1Racing.net

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Official pics of the F430  
The Ferrari Factory has released the first official pics of the new F430. The car will be revealed during the Autosalon of Paris.
The F430 has 490 hp. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h goes in 4 seconds and the topspeed is 315 km/h. The price is not known yet.
Tnx to Wesley for the pics!

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Soccer game for Schumacher  
Before the next GP weekend at Spa Francorchamps, Belgium, Michael Schumacher will take part in a charity football (soccer) match on Wednesday. The German champ will line up with a Driver' XI against a Belgian All Stars team. The match will be held at 20:30 at the Bielmont di Verviers Stadium.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Big Accident at Monterey Historics  
The F399 (1999) Ferrari of Frits Kroymans (the Dutch Ferrari importer) broke in two at the drivers knees when it was ripped by the tire barrier on drivers right on exit of Turn 6. The driver, Kroymans himself, was okay and able to get out of the car himself. After he got out of the car the savety crew put an ice pack on one of his legs. Later he walked to the safety vehilce. Luckely he didn't hit the barriers very fast.
Just after the crash two other Formula one cars were approaching him on high speed. Luckaly they were able to avoid a crash. Two of the drivers stopped to help him, even before the savety car came.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004
Double victory...and World Championship  
From start to finish the two Ferraris were in the lead. They overtook most of the field and showed that they really rule this championship. Wich they, for the constructors, also won today! And that makes it six times in a row!
After the first pitstop there were some worries with the team, because one of the fuellines for refueling the cars had leaked some benzine. But before the next pitstops the team fixed it and for precausion also replaced the other one. Schumacher had in the end 44 seconds lead of Fernando Alonso, who won the race last year. Montoya became fourth and the two BARs Button and Sato became fifth and sixth. Pizzonia was seventh and last for the points was Fisichella in his Sauber.
Both McLarens were out of points, Coulthard finished as ninth and Raikkonen had to retire.
Source: F1Racing.net

webmaster | 21:52

Ferrari Superiour in Hongary  
Both the Ferraris were absote superiour in Hongary during qualification. With a 1.19.146 took Michael Schumacher pole-position. Rubens Barrichello was very close behind him with a 1.19.323. They kept a nice gap to the rest...the two BARs at third (Sato, 1.19.693) and fourth (Button, 1.19.700). Alono (Renault) became fifth and Pizzonia (sixt) was faster than his teammate Montoya (7th). Raikkonen, the fastest of the friday, didn't came further than 10th place and Coulthard stoped at even 12th.
Source: F1Racing.net

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Saturday, August 14, 2004
McLaren fastest on friday  
Kimi Raikkonen was the fastest of the friday. With a 1.20.884 (in 20 laps) he was 0.2 seconds faster than Michael Schumacher (1.21.009 in 30 laps). Third time was for Montoya and fourth was Coulthard. Rubens Barrichello had not a toptime...with a 1.21.712 he didn't came further than a ninth time. Let's see what happens at saturday!
Source: F1Racing.net

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
250 GTO...finished  
And after the beautiful 250 SWB now the 250 GTO is also finished. Just look at all those beautiful details in this picture (ofcourse the real drawing is much larger and more detailed!) Do you also have a beautiful car that you want to be drawn by this great Danish Artist? Just visit the site of Carsten!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

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Sunday, August 08, 2004
4x Ferrari F1 at Zandvoort  
Today there were four Formula one Ferraris driving fast at the circuit of Zandvoort, The Netherlands. All the cars, an Eddie Irvine 1999 and 3 x Michael Schumacher (2000, 2001, 2002), come from the private collection of John Bosch. He was driving his newest car...the 2002 WorldChampion car of Michael Schumacher. He was trying to beat the laprecord at Zandvoort, set by Badoer also in the 2002 Ferrari. The record was, and is, still set at 1.19.80...John Bosch tried very hard and even went through some gravel at his attempt to beat the record, but got stuck at 1 minute 22 seconds. A great achevementl, let that be heard, for a driver that is not a professional F1-driver.
The other three cars were driven by Jacky Ickx, Rene Arnoux and Jan Lammers. Lammers, who still races the Dome Judd, set his personal fastest lap at this track in 1.27 !
Source: F1 Racing.net

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Saturday, August 07, 2004
No ads?  
No more Marlboro...no more advertisments? From 2006 it isn't allowed anymore to have any cigarette-ads in the formula one. But the mothercompany of Marlboro, Philip Morris has found a way to stay in the formula one. They would like to buy all the sponsor-space on the Ferrari's. And sent it out on the track without any adds. Because they think that the color red is already enought to let people think of Marlboro. They would easily pay 150 milion dollar for the deal!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004
He's doing it again  
And again Carsten is creating another masterpiece. The guy just can't stop! :)This time another very famous Ferrari; the 250 GTO!
Copyright picture and more info: Carsten Christiansen, Bugatti Art

webmaster | 09:26

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Enzo's first  
In 1919 Enzo Ferrari took a job at CMN (Costruzioni Maccaniche Nazionali) in Milan to work as a racing car driver. His racing debut came in the 1919 Parma-Berceto race and he entered the Targa Florio that same year.
Now there is a model of this car, the CMN 15/20 HP. The first racecar driven by Enzo Ferrari. Made by Matilde Model and for sale for 179,17 euros (216,80 dollar), scale 1/18.
Source and more info: WarmUp.it

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Sunday, August 01, 2004
Ferrari one-two at 24H Spa  
The Ferrari 550 Maranello (no.2) of team BMS Scuderia Italia has won the Proximus 24 Hours Of Spa at Francorchamps. In total they drove 558 laps! The drivers were L. Cappelaari, E. Calderari, F. Gollin and the Swiss Lilian Bryner, she became the first female to win the 24 Hours Of Spa.
Second was team GPC Giesse Squada Corse with a Ferrari 575 M (no 11). They drove only one lap less. They had lost the race when they had a lengthy delay because of problems with the underbody of their car. The drivers were V. Vosse, F. Babini, P. Peter and ex-formula one driver M.Salo. Third overal, and first in the NGT was the Porsche GT3 of tema Freisinger.
Source: Spa Francorchamps

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166/ 250 MM Competition Spyder  
Yesterday I bought, for the first time in a few years, some Cavallino's. I have a subscription on Forza, and one magazine I thought was enough! But yesterday I saw the Cavallino in a store...and thought, ow...what the heck, just buy them!
Just now I was reading in them and I saw a Ferrari I had never seen before (and that happens not very often!) Immediatly I searched the internet...and yes, there it was, the 166/250 MM Copmetition Spyder. With a one-off coachwork by Carlo Abarth. What a strange, but yet...beautiful design. I wonder how it looks in real.
Well...it's for sale. It will be auctioned at the Monterey Sports & Classic Car Action on the 13th and 14th of August in Monterey, California.
Source and more info: RM Auctions, Picture: Ultimate Car Page

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