Sunday, March 27, 2005
Just a nice picture...  

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Friday, March 25, 2005
F2005 in next race!  
YES! In Bahrein the Ferrari team will start with the new F2005! This car must be better than the F2004M. Let's hope for the first victory!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005
F2005...Where are you??  
He wanted his first points of the season and he got them. But look at his face. They were not the 10 points he hoped for. Only 2 points today for Schumacher who finished as seventh and for Ferrari in total, since Barrichello had to retire. A very disappointing result.
The second GP of this season went to Renault, who also won the first one. This time Fernando Alonso was the man who took all the points. Second was for Jarno Trulli, with the first podium for Toyota and third came Heidfeld with his Williams. Montoya did a good job for McLaren with a fourth place, better than Raikonnen who finished just outside the points as ninth. Coulthard finished as sixth in the Red Bull. Klien in the second Red Bull as eight.
Ferrari now has to decide what to do. Start with the new F2005 at the next GP or wait two GP's more, like they intend to do. But the F2004M, the chassis of the winning car of last year and the aerodinamica of this years regulation isn't what they hoped for. The car is just to slow. And that can also be blamed on the tires. The Bridgetones are defenatly worse than the Michelans.
Let's wait what Ferrari decides. And hope on better times!

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Saturday, March 19, 2005
Disapointing 1st qualification  
"I'm not happy", that was the respons of Michael Schumacher after the qualification. "Yesterday it looked like we were compatitive, but today...Fortunately we are better in the long distance runs and that is the most important in the end, right?"
Rubens Barrichello was also very disapointed. "This morning it looked better, but in the qualification we didn't have much grip. We had a big stuggle with the car. But the balance seems to be right. And the tyres should be better in the race."
Technical director Ross Brawn was also disapointed. But they all think that they can do it better tomorrow morning in the second qualification. And... the racespeed is okay, so hopes for podium aren't gone yet.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Schumacher again nominated for Laureus Award  
Michael Schumacher is nominated for the Laureus World Sportman of the Year award. The price he won in 2004. This year he is up against cyclist Lance Armstrong, tennisplayer Roger Federer, swimmer Michael Phelps and MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi. Ferrari is also nominated for the Team award, wich last year went to the England Rugby squad. The winners will be announced in Portugal in May.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005
Rubens saves the day for Ferrari  
It was to be expected from the start that it would be a hard race for Ferrari, with Rubens on the 12th place and Michael Schumacher even on 18th. But due to a great strategy all went very well for the team. When the race was half way Rubens drove in fourth position and Schumacher on ninth, just outside the points. But his thoughts of getting some of those points were gone when he tried to block the door of the Williams from Heidfeld. Heidfeld went into the grass and couldn't avoid a collision. Both cars went of. Schumacher did get back on the track, with some help from the marchals, but had to give up.
But Rubens did a great job and did finish on the podium, in between both Renault drivers. Fisichella won the race, Rubens was second and Trulli third.

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2e qualification; Fisichella on pole  
The second qualification for the first GP of 2005 was driven in total dry. Both the times of the first and the second lap were counted with each other and split into two, to make out your starting position. Because Schumacher had such a worse qualy yesterday, he decided to spare his tyres and fuel and only do one setup lap, and no time. The same did Sato before him and Massa didn't even go out. So those three are in the bottem of the startgrid, with Michael Schumacher on 18th position. The Dutch driver Christian Albers also didn't set a time, because he had some technical trouble with his Minardi and coulnd't get out the pitlane in time.
Rubens Barrichello set the 11th time just behind both McLarens and the fastest of the day were: Mark Webber (3), Jarno Trulli (2) and Giancarlo Fisichella with his Renault on pole!

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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Rain makes Ferrari loose...  
During the qualification it suddenly started to rain. Heavy rain. And so the first eleven cars that went on the track had the good times on the clock, but the others... the loosed. And the one driver that lost the most? Michael Schumacher. He was even the slowest of the first qualification of the first race of 2005 in Melbourne, Australia (1.57.931).
Rubens Barrichello set the twelfth time (1.45.481). Fastest on the saturday was Fisichella in the Renault, with 1.33.171, followed by Trulli (Toyota, 1.25.270) and Webber (Williams, 1.36.717). Massa (Sauber) spon and didn't set a time and Sato (BAR) went into the wall and even caused a red flag situation.

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