Friday, April 29, 2005
LMES - 1000 km van Spa  

Spa (B), 04.19.05 - And this is the wrong way to end a 1000 km race. The 67 MENX CZ M Ferrari 550 Maranello with the drivers Season Robert Pergl (CZ) Thomas Enge (CZ) crashed into the wall.
After the problems of the Courage-Belmondo and the MG-Lola, went the victory to in LM2 to the Lola of Berridge-Evans-Belmondo), fifth overall with a round lead on the Ferrari BMS Scuderia Italia from Gollin-Ramos-Cressoni, who won the GT1 class.

1. Shimoda-Nielsen-Elgaard (Jap-Den-Den/Zytek 04S), 132 ronden in 6u00.48.389 ; 2. Boullion-Collard-Comas (Fra/Pescarolo-Judd C60) +1r ; 3. V. ICKX-Short-Barff (BEL-GB-GB/Dallara-Judd) +5r ; 4. Michigami-Wakisaka-Ara (Jap/Dome-Mugen) +6r ; 5. Berridge-Evans-Owen (Gb-USA-GB/Lola AER) +8r (1ste LMP2) ; 6. Gollin-Ramos-Cressoni (Ita-Por-Ita/Ferrari 550 Maranello) +9r (1ste GT1).

Picture: Han Martens

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Thursday, April 28, 2005
GP of San Marino... what a race!  

The GP of San Marino. It was the first time ever that I was live at a GP. I've seen loads of GPs on the telly, but this was a different story. Wow. What an ambiance. And what a sound. I was happy to have my headphones! ;)
For everybody who ever want to see the GP of San Marino at Imola; the corner 'Tosa High' is absolutely a fantastic spot. Just look at the picture above. I took this picture at the end of the race.
And what a fantastic race; Michael Schumacher (and Ferrari) are back on the track. Almost 2 seconds per round were they faster then everybody else. After the pitstop Schumacher went from the 10th place to the third. And a few rounds later he managed to overtake Button (saw that at the big screen on the other side of the track!). And only a few laps later he was on the tail of the Renault of Alonso. But the driver from Spain kept his head cool and didn't let Schumacher overtake him. A fantastic fight and a great race from both drivers! Salute! ... hope to see as much action the next race in Spain!

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Friday, April 15, 2005
Di Montezemolo gets honorary degree  
Today Luca di Montezemolo, president of Fiat and Ferrari, as well as Confindustria, got an honorary degree by the Faculty of Design in Milan. At the end of the ceremony the 'Ad Honorem' exhibition was opened. The show is situated inside the Bovisa campus and is a display of the design choises made by the President during his career. There are also a number of cars to admire, amongst them the F1 championship winning single seaters driven by Lauda and Schumacher and even the 500 in which Montezemolo himself raced. The show is open for the public from 18 April.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005
What can I say...  
...that the F2005 isn't ready yet? That the GP was a dissapointment if you are a Ferrari lover as I am? That for the first time in many years I liked looking at a McLaren (Pedro de la Rosa with his many fights?) That I felt sooo sorry for Rubens that he not even got one point because he was overtaken by Coulthard in the last round? Yes, I could say that all... and I did!

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