Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Ferrari tests V8  
Ferrari started yesterday with the testing of the new V8 Formula one engine. Marc Gene drove the car on the Fiorano circuit. They mounted the engine in a modified version of the F2004. The team is ahead of schedule and that's why they started a month earlier. Testing continued today.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005
Schumacher happy with new teammate  
Michael Schumacher is happy with the arrival of his new teammate next season. "I'm very happy for Felipe," says Michael. "I think he deserves this opportunity, and he is already doing a great job the last races. We can see his improvement, but in fact, we already knew that he had talent since he was a testdriver for us. I did have a great time with Rubens and I wish him all the best in the future."

At the same time that Ferrari announced that Felipe Massa will be the new driver for next year, MotoGP-champion Valentino Rossi drove again with the F2004 at Fiorano. Rumours immediately went that Rossi would go from two to four wheels, but he said he didn't consider that. "It just feels good to drive another year for Yamaha", said the Italian.

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John Bosch at Silverstone this weekend  
With his Ferrari 312 T3 John Bosch has taken the lead of the overall standings of the FIA Thoroughbred Grand Prix World Championship this weekend. With second place in the sixth race of the year he extended his lead in the B class (for pre-1979 non ground effect cars). More over, he passed the absent Christian Gläsel who has thus far led the championship overall in his C classs Brabham-Ford.

"It was a fine weekend", John said, "in the sense that we came second in class without trouble. The Tyrrell P34 which started here for just one outing was simply too fast. That B car does not score any points, though, for it has not been entered for the entire championship. And so we could get the maximum result here again. I had quite a lonely race in fact, for behind me nobody could really attack. That we are leading overall as well now is quite special. But we are under no illusions, for there are five races to go still and with a class B car you can not get overall pole position, which earns you a point. Gläsel can. But lets first try and secure the class B title, that would already be quite an achievement. Then we will see how things develop in the overall standings."

The next rounds are at Magny-Cours in France on September 3 and 4.
Source: Barron Racing

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005
One Brazilian for another...  
This is the final season for Barrichello with Ferrari. You can already see it in the way he drives the car in the past races. He's not eager. He has lost the will to win. He wants something new, a new challenge. And Ferrari? They want a new Brazilian in the car; it will be Massa!
The young driver was already a testdriver for Ferrari (2003) and will drive next year next to Michael Schumacher as second driver for the team!
Felipe Massa: "This is the best oportunity in my career. I can't wait to be part of the best team of the world. I would like to thank also Peter Sauber for the trust he had in me for the last years. I will do my very best in the last six races of this year."

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Improved site...  
I have no clue... really no clue when this site was updated. I don't visit many Ferrari sites at the moment, since I'm very busy with some other projects, but this morning I clicked on and saw that the Kroymans site was renewed and improved. Looks nice!

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Monday, August 01, 2005
This is better...  
Ahh... finaly! Since Ferrari announced that they will focus on the next season, it seems like the spirit is back. Schumacher had his first pole of the year and drove the first part of the race ahead. After the pitstop he lost his place to Raikonnen and (again) he was slower because of the tyres. But a great second place.
Barrichello had some bad luck because he hit Trulli in the first corner and had to go in for a new nose. After that he drove a 'silent' race and finished as tenth. Disappointing!

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