Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Spyker MF1 team has confirmed that it has agreed an engine supply agreement with Ferrari. Under this contract, Ferrari will supply its V8 engines to Spyker MF1 Team as well as the required technical assistance to run the engines in all races and tests.

"To reach agreement with the number one name in the Formula One world for over 50 years is a milestone in the history of our company," said Victor Muller, CEO, Spyker. "I am convinced that the co-operation of Spyker MF1 Team with Ferrari and its dedicated staff will bear fruit for the 2007 season. Mike Gascoyne's input as Chief Technology Officer, effective November 1, 2006, leads me to believe that Spyker will become a serious contender in the F1 seasons to come."

Michiel Mol, director of F1 racing , Spyker added, "After the completion of the sale yesterday this announcement completes the first chapter of Spyker MF1 team and I believe truly illustrates our commitment and ambition. We are in F1 to be competitive."

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Thursday, September 28, 2006
More pictures....  

Pictures taken today at the Paris MotorShow!
Tnx to Pyrus, FerrariChat

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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Ferrari P4/5... The super Enzo  

This is called the Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina, or “the Glickenhaus car.”
Jim Glickenhaus, 56, a very wealthy American, the Glickenhaus family’s Wall Street investment firm reinvents money daily, wanted something special. He already has a former Donohue Lola T70, a former McLaren/Donohue Ford Mk IV, and three Ferrari racers — a 1967 330 P3/4, a 1967 412P, and a 1947 Tipo 166 Spyder Corsa, the oldest Ferrari in existence. And he does not only collects them; he drives them on the street! Concerning the Pininfarina P4/5 (a one-up on Glickenhaus’s 1967 P3/4), Glickenhaus is clear: 'I just wanted to do it — I don’t care what anyone thinks.'

So he bought the last unsold Enzo for 650.000 dollars and (still wraped in the factory shrink-wrap) brought it to Pininfarina. They striped the car, and rebuilt it totally. For months, Pininfarina and Glickenhaus kept their secret. Not even Ferrari knew! It wasn’t until five months into the project, in January 2006, that Pininfarina invited Ferrari representatives to see the full-size model. They were stunned.

The P4/5 is a rolling history of Ferrari-racing DNA — 333SP nose, F1 cockpit profile, 512S rear window, 330 P3/4 NACA side ducts, white-enameled F1 exhaust tips. And in Pininfarina’s moving-road wind tunnel, the P4/5 proved to have more efficient cooling, higher downforce, and better balance than the Enzo, combined with a 0.34 coefficient of drag.
With its stock 650-hp Enzo V-12, but only 2645 pounds to haul (versus the Enzo’s 3262-pound curb weight), P4/5 acceleration will be demonic. A stock Enzo takes 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds. Pininfarina estimates 3.6 seconds to 62 mph for the P4/5, but we think it’s just being polite to Ferrari. With the P4/5’s low weight, it will be in the very low threes. Similarly, with a taller gear, Pininfarina estimates a top speed of 225 mph.

Want to see the Ferrari P4/5 in real? Go to the Autoshow in Paris right now... maybe you can still see it.


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Monday, September 11, 2006
The end of an era  

Michael Schumacher will officially retire at the end of this season, he confirmed in the post race press conference having taken his 90th career victory.

"This is the last Monza race I'll do and at the end of this year I've decided with the team I'll retire from racing," Schumacher said. "It has been an exceptional time the last thirty years of what motorsport has given to me - I've loved all the good and bad moments and they've made it so special."

"I want to thank my family, my dad, mum, wife and kids all of whom have supported what I've been doing," he went on. "Without their support to survive in this business and perform would be impossible. I can't be thankful to my family enough and to all my mates from the Benetton times and Ferrari days where I've made so many friends here and it's been a really tough decision to decide not to work together any more."

Following the announcement of Michael Schumacher's retirement, Ferrari confirmed that Kimi Raikkonen joins on a three-year deal and Massa's contract has been extended for another two seasons.

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Great victory...  
Michael Schumacher drove faultlessly to secure his 90th Grand Prix victory from Kimi Raikkonen and BMW's Robert Kubica. The big news however, was that Fernando Alonso's engine failure has allowed Schumacher to close to within two points of the championship lead, with three races remaining.

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